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|January 20, 2015

New Graphic Design Trend: The Coffee Shop Look

Tucked away in a street corner is a small coffee shop with mismatched furniture, funky decor, and the fragrant scent of roasted coffee beans. Up on the blackboard is their menu of espresso concoctions and delicate pastries written in an array of contrasting fonts, detailed with swirls and banners. This typography is meant to bring out the feel of the coffee shop, and all kinds of brands have started to use this chalkboard hand-lettering. Brands such as Minute Maid, TGI Friday’s, and even McDonald’s have incorporated it into their advertisements.

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|January 7, 2015

The Success of Real-Time Social Media Marketing

Teams must prepare for action to be taken on real-time platforms, such as Twitter, during major events. What if those events can’t actually be planned for? That is where the next big real-time marketing execution comes in.

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