Our Past:

Versa Creative was founded by Mary Shekari on August 9th, 2009.

From an early age, Mary developed a passion for marketing and advertising, connecting with the captivating stories and brilliant designs. When she moved to Houston from Iran in the late 90s, she was met with several challenges. A language barrier was perhaps the greatest among them.

While assimilating herself into a vastly different culture, Mary continued her education at the University of Houston. She studied design, and once graduated, she pursued a professional career in marketing and advertising. Inspired by her mother, she made the decision to fulfill her dreams and found her own agency.

Our Present:

Since our humble beginnings, Versa has managed to stay true to our creative instincts and expand upon the core values Mary established in 2009. The passion to create and discover strategic solutions is deeply ingrained in our culture and continues to serve as our beacon of inspiration. As time passed, our creative efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and we naturally attracted new partnerships built on a foundation of trust.

From Fortune 500 tech enterprises to small businesses, we’ve had the opportunity to make a significant impact on numerous brands across a variety of industries. These distinct partnerships have served as the foundation of our success, offering us the opportunity to grow and meet new challenges.

Our Future:

Within the next 5 years, we look to broaden our services to surpass client expectations and stay at the forefront of the digital age. As we explore other markets and introduce international campaigns, we wish to build upon our valued partnerships with Google and Facebook to become industry leading experts. Indeed, the opportunities are truly boundless.

We are limited only by our own imagination, and Versa Creative is brimming with the passion and drive to achieve unforseen success.

full service digital marketing agency - Versa Creative

Dream Boldly

Bold dreams enable us to achieve results we never could have imagined.

Create With Passion

Whether it’s digital or traditional, passionate creativity is at the root of everything we do.

Ignite Solutions

Above all else, we are creative problem-solvers and solution-oriented thinkers.

Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Creating connections is what we do—with our clients, our client’s audiences, and our internal team.

Deliver Stories

Stories allow us to connect with our audience and offer them a glimpse into our creative minds.

Be a Catalyst For Change

We inspire and create high-impact change by striving to improve ourselves daily.

Our People Are Our Power

Do you have the skills and experience to make a difference for our clients?