15 Effective Benefits of Digital Marketing

August 1, 2019
Versa Creative

Many companies have relied on traditional and print media for quite some time. As marketing strategies develop and change over time, those same companies have started to ask more frequently, “What are the benefits of digital marketing?” Digital marketing is truly amazing when you are able to take into account how many more people you can reach through the various platforms available. Here are 15 ways utilizing digital marketing can change the way your business not only appears to others but can also make you more money.


Measure Results Better

1. Measure Results Better

With digital marketing, reports are easy to view as you need them. Results are well calculated and far more accurate than attempting to determine the amount of foot traffic or number of times someone has looked at one of your print ads in a day.

Affordable Way to Advertise

2. Affordable Way to Advertise

The cost per click can be fairly low when it comes to advertising online. With so many different platforms to choose from, you can work with pretty much any budget you have in mind. You should always photograph your product well, offer some sort of exclusive deal, or create catchy copy to grab the attention of the audience when advertising online. Digital marketing can be cheaper than traditional marketing options such as billboards, radio spots, and ads in publications.

Reach a Large Audience

3. Reach a Large Audience

By going digital, you are immediately reaching a global audience. With so many people on the internet, you are able to reach a much larger audience than you would with a print piece displayed in a certain magazine or storefront with no signage. Going online is the smartest way to reach others directly and give them the information they need to know to reach you or buy your products.

Easy to Adjust

4. Easy to Adjust

One of the benefits of digital marketing is that it’s fairly easy to adjust. Since your results are constantly updating, you can pinpoint something that’s not working and change it as you see fit. Once you’ve made the right adjustments, you can place your ad back out there and watch it reach new heights.

Custom Creation of Ads

5. Custom Creation of Ads

Take into account your demographics and decide right then what you would like your audience to know about your business. By creating your advertising online, your target audience sees the content they’re searching for in your own words. You can choose only the best aspects of your company to display and create captivating advertisements that they want to engage with.

Better Connect

6. Better Connect

In some ways, you can connect best with others through online marketing. For example, through marketing channels such as email marketing, you are giving online shoppers their space while also offering them everything they need to know about you and your business. Social media ads allow your audience the opportunity to then connect and become loyal followers of your brand.

Increase Conversion Rates

7. Increase Conversion Rates

In most cases when someone is looking for something online, they don’t want to have to go to the store for what they are searching for if the option exists to obtain it right then and there. With digital advertising, your potential customers are just a click away from purchasing and can quickly convert from potential customer to buyer.

Reach People Right Away

8. Reach People Right Away

Instead of customers struggling to find your storefront or products elsewhere, they can simply hop online and find what they need in a snap. Advertise online and throw your own brand’s name in the mix. Otherwise, you may fall behind those who have already done so, whether their services or products are better or not.

Reach Mobile Users

9. Reach Mobile Users

On top of the number of users who log in to their PC, there are far more who opt to view goods and services on their mobile phone every single day. In addition to PC and mobile users are those who use tablets. In short, about 50% of the global population is online daily using various devices, so getting people familiar with your brand through digital media is more important than ever before.

Get Competitive

10. Get Competitive

You love what you do and you do your job well. But how do you tell everyone about it quickly and efficiently? Once again, digital marketing is going to be your go-to way of getting your brand’s name into the ringer with others in your industry. Your competitors will always have a leg up if they are consistent with their online marketing.

Upgrade Your Content

11. Upgrade Your Content

Instead of updating potential customers by word-of-mouth every time something changes, you can simply update all of your online platforms and let your audience know about the latest deals, new offers, coupons, and products available. Upgrade your content through search engine digital marketing strategy, and create a cohesive, professionally written website with the proper working links to lead your audience in the right direction.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

12. Keep an Eye on Competitors

By taking your business online, you can also keep tabs on what your competitors around you are doing. As a business owner, it is healthy to take part in a little bit of competitive energy. This helps you make sure you aren’t wildly overselling or underselling your own products or services.


13. Live Results

Similar to measuring your results with updated reports, you can often see your progress in real-time. Whether you want to check in frequently or remotely, the choice is up to you to monitor your progress and update your strategy if needed.


14. Build Your Brand

While you may have a decent amount of dedicated customers, they may not exactly be familiar with your brand. It’s good to create a solid marketing campaign and showcase your greatest assets on a consistent basis to both your regular customers and potential new ones. Building your brand tells its story and creates the option for those to engage in a matter of seconds.


15. Higher ROI

Now that you know the power digital marketing has on a brand, it won’t be surprising to hear that yes, it can also give you the ROI you’ve been searching for. Ample availability online combined with affordable advertising platforms gives you a better chance at creating a return on your investment than you might think. In fact, The New York Times reported $709 million in digital revenue in 2018 alone.


There’s no more time to wonder, “What are the benefits of digital marketing?” Take the chance now to elevate your brand and get ahead of others within your industry by chiseling out your own digital marketing campaigns and executing it the best way you can. Unsure of how? Take a look at our digital marketing services and explore what else we can do to help you achieve your business goals.

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