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3 Ways Your Business Can Use Facebook Live

January 11, 2017 | Versa Admin

In this day and age, staying in motion is a necessity. From an advertising standpoint, if you’re not moving, you’re dying. Gone are the days when a business simply needed a well-placed billboard and a few engaging print ads. Today, consumers are in emersed in a cacophony of ads. And to help cut through the noise, you’ll need to be adaptable, direct, and in motion. In social media, a great way to engage your audience is through Facebook Live. Not only will your followers get push notifications when you broadcast, they’ll be able to interact with you while your live video streams. So, without further ado, here are three great ways your business can use this invaluable marketing tool.

Express Your Culture

A great way to capture your audience and express your brand’s culture is by live streaming engaging content on Facebook Live. This allows people to relate to your company on a more personal and candid level. Live streaming also lets them get acquainted with your hardworking team members, which will prove to be an overall memorable experience in the long run.

Promote An Event

There are few better ways to promote an event than through live streaming. People are more likely to engage with or attend an affair if they get a more personal experience with it. Also, your event is more attractive to viewers if they feel it is time sensitive and includes activities they wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Address FAQs

No matter what business you’re in, odds are you’re going to be faced with questions–lots and lots of questions. Whether they come from a social media comment or a boardroom conference call, consumers will always need further clarity on your products or services. A great way to address frequently asked questions is through Facebook Live. Not only will it convey a sense of transparency, your audience is bound to take notice through push notifications.
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