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8 Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing in 2023

February 24, 2023
Versa Creative
Small business owners and their employees often wear many hats. From titles like founder, CEO, COO, and even positions such as HR and office manager, running a business can quickly become overwhelming. Additionally, suppose you want your business to succeed and generate leads and website traffic. In that case, it’s likely that one of your hats is also labeled “marketer” (which is many labels, but we’ll get into that later). 

Adding marketing to your task list on top of keeping a business in running order can lead to burnout and frustration, so it’s natural to consider leaving this job to someone else. But should you hire an in-house marketing team or consider hiring an outsourced marketing team? This blog outlines eight of the biggest benefits of outsourcing marketing in 2023. Read on to see whether outsourcing your digital marketing and other marketing efforts is right for you and your business goals

What is an Outsourced Marketing Department?

Outsourcing your marketing to an agency beyond your business is fairly simple, but the terminology may initially need to be clarified. In short, “in-house” marketing means that a company hires employees to do marketing for that company. These employees come into the office full-time and work on all aspects of the marketing process. 

On the other hand, “outsourced” marketing refers to when a company hires a third-party agency that specializes in marketing services to do their marketing. Third-party agencies have multiple clients whose marketing services they complete, and they typically have retainer (month-to-month) or fixed bid (singular project) contracts with each client, with a set number of hours they charge for. These companies have teams of experts for each branch of marketing. 

Without further ado, here are the top eight benefits of outsourcing marketing tasks.

1. Fresh Perspectives

It can be easy to get stuck in one perception of your brand and business. One of the benefits of an outsourced marketing team is that the experts working with you don’t have any preconceived notions about your brand. They can go full force ahead with your company’s next steps, and their dedicated strategy teams will be able to develop a marketing strategy that embodies your branding goals without any limitations because they can see what makes your company so different from its competitors.

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2. Increased ROI

Because third-party agencies work with your company based on a contract, you can be sure that you get your money’s worth from their services. Marketing agencies are all about generating leads for their clients; it means the agency is doing a good job and the client is a happy customer. Especially in the case of retainer contracts, you’re likely to see month-over-month (MoM) improvement in results consistently. 

3. Increased Savings

Rather than pay a handful of salaries (or an hourly wage, forty times, times however many marketers you have), you can count on cost savings when you hire an outsourced agency. You’ll be paying for one contract, regardless of how many people work at the agency, and because multiple people work on each team, you’ll likely pay for fewer hours than you would by hiring full-time employees. In other words, outsourcing your marketing team saves time and money

4. Optimization and Technology

Often, with in-house marketing teams, it’s up to the managers in charge of multiple teams to determine what kind of technology is needed. There’s a lot to keep track of from design software to the latest social media scheduling platforms and the assortment of tech needed for web development. The good news is that third-party agencies are in charge of their own technology. 

What’s more, these agencies are constantly optimizing their tech and processes to keep up with the latest developments in the marketing world. Optimization often keeps clients around for the long term, so it tends to be a big priority for independent agencies. 

5. Free Time

If it wasn’t already clear, hiring a third-party agency to do all of your marketing means that you don’t have to do it! Not only is it time-consuming to keep track of what needs to be done to generate leads and keep your company up to date, but creating the photos, videos, copy, and designs for your company is a full-time job (multiple, really). It’s much easier to give marketing assets advertising your products or services or branding assets, like a website or logo, a once-over than to make them from scratch.

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6. Growth Mindset, Matched

Because marketing agencies prioritize lead generation and branding, they’re on board for company growth. By growing your customer base or keeping up with the times, a third-party agency can supplement your business growth efforts while you focus on getting the job done. 

7. Industry Expertise

A big issue with in-house marketing teams is the knowledge gap. This doesn’t mean that in-house marketing specialists don’t know what they’re doing, but sometimes the company recruiter or hiring manager doesn’t know what to look for in an applicant, or the in-house team is too close to the projects to see the big picture. Third-party marketing agencies are known for their expertise—this is what they live and breathe for, all day, every day. From search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to creative services like design, copywriting, and photo/video, plus the nitty-gritty strategy, digital and traditional marketing, and web development, third-party agencies have it all. 

8. Consistent Communication

One of the main concerns companies have about third-party agencies is a potential loss of control. With a good agency, however, that should never be a problem. Good marketing agencies have a dedicated and knowledgeable account management team that will keep you updated every step of the way and ensure that the focus is always on making your vision a reality. 

Outsourced Marketing Agency in Houston, TX

If you want a third-party agency that checks all these boxes and more, look no further than Versa Creative. With over thirteen years in business and teams of experienced professionals who are dedicated to your business’s success, Versa is the premier agency in Houston, Texas, and its surrounding areas. As a full-service agency, Versa’s services are so customizable that we feel like an in-house team—with all the benefits of outsourcing marketing

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