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Are YouTube Shorts Worth It?

March 30, 2023
Versa Creative
Since the rise of TikTok, short video content and vertical videos have become an incredible and dominating part of social media. Short videos capture the attention of viewers in a matter of seconds, and it only takes seconds to share across all social media platforms. Short-form videos are so simple and yet quite powerful in the social media world.

YouTube, standing as one of the most popular social media platforms, has recently implemented its newest feature, YouTube Shorts, in addition to its long-form content, and content creators may wonder, “are YouTube Shorts worth it?” YouTube is known for its traditional video content, so what makes short-form videos advantageous for today’s content creators?

In this guide, we’ll dive into the different aspects of YouTube Shorts and ultimately assess if YouTube Shorts is an effective marketing and content strategy for content creators.

Short Time-Consumption

YouTube Shorts are the easiest way to deliver digital immediacy in a world centered around fast-paced marketing. Unlike long-form videos, your Shorts can be straight-to-the-point and engaging from the get-go. Consider your Shorts like an elevator pitch—they don’t take much of your viewers’ time but can go a long way for your YouTube channel.

As viewers begin to interact with your bursts of Shorts content, they are more likely to subscribe to your channel and branch out into your long-form videos. Many successful content creators have framed Shorts as a “sneak peek” into their brand, not a shorter version of their long-form videos. Not only do Shorts allow creators to summarize and promote their brand’s ideas but pique viewers’ interest with a teaser. These Shorts are used as a great strategy to transform casual viewers into devoted subscribers for your main channel, so it’s especially important to have your Shorts content and long-form videos accessible on your channel. Allow your Shorts to be the funnel to your long-form content!

Content Exposure

Youtube Shorts grant content creators the ability to catch more subscribers’ attention, and while long-form videos still provide benefits, Shorts can reel in more discovery. With the biggest Youtube stars to compete with, channel growth can be a challenging trek uphill for beginning content creators. Youtube Shorts are the easiest way to boost your engagement rate, and many content creators can take advantage of the Shorts algorithm to reach their target audience. Short-form videos grant viewers the opportunity to be quickly exposed to your content without having to commit an extensive amount of time. 

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Engaging with the Shorts Algorithm 

YouTube Shorts’ sophisticated algorithm analyzes your video’s content, tags, and title and pinpoints the target audience for your content. The Shorts algorithm is a separate system from the long-form algorithm, which is advantageous for beginner content creators aiming to not get lost in the vast world of YouTube videos. Whether it’s cooking tutorials or comedy skits, the algorithm will identify users’ profiles based on their engagement and video history that closely aligns with yours. Content creators can make a compelling description and use simple SEO techniques to put the algorithm in their favor. 

Your YouTube Shorts can be a successful video marketing strategy for your channel if you understand the algorithm’s angle and the way it works. The algorithm does not necessarily push videos for creators—it pulls videos for viewers based on their interests. It’s crucial for content creators to approach their videos with their target audience in mind. Beyond jumping on trends or using SEO terminology in your descriptions, consistency is a simple but key part of engaging with the Shorts algorithm.

User-Generated Content

Because many social media platforms, including Youtube, have made short-form video creation so much easier—providing easy-to-use video editing features, a vast collection of audio, and a simple uploading processthe line between content creator and the casual user has nearly faded. The TikTok platform has forged a new avenue for social media and content-sharing. Instagram and Youtube followed the wave of interest in shorts content, releasing the Instagram Reels feature and the Shorts feature. Youtube Shorts are easily accessible for anyone to create, starting on the YouTube app. Most Shorts don’t require complex equipment or heavy editing, which is a great plus for starting creators.

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Cross-Content Sharing

As content creation has become more accessible, the ability to share your content on multiple platforms has also become much easier. Your social media presence across all platforms is an important aspect to maintain when it comes to content creation, and Youtube has granted its creators the ability to grow their channel using content made on other platforms, such as TikTok. Youtube Shorts is a great way to diversify and expand your reach. 

Content and Trends

One of the best parts of YouTube Shorts is that your Shorts content can be vastly different from your long-form videos, and using both video formats in tandem can help each part of your channel grow. Short-form videos can be more casual and less polished than long-form videos. Your Shorts can casually show behind-the-scenes and production processes of your brand, which can showcase the authenticity and human side of your content. The rise of authenticity and strong relationships with your subscribers have greatly impacted the success of content creators. Snapchat and Instagram Stories can do the same thing, displaying casual sneak-peeks, but the greatest advantage to using YouTube Shorts is that your content is accessible to your viewers even after 24 hours. 

Your Shorts content can also enable interactive trends, such as dance challenges, and bring engagement to your channel. YouTube Shorts allows content creators to appeal to a specific audience and become the foundations of a niche community. Participating in trending content, marketing your brand with strategy, and being up-to-date will increase your chances of going viral. Take advantage of the increased reach that Shorts can give you, and your success can receive a great impact with the right content!

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Monetize YouTube Shorts

YouTube’s Partner Program also allows creators to use Shorts to earn money so long as they meet the subscriber minimum and public views requirements for the program. Monetizing creators are granted 45% of their allocated Shorts ad revenue. 

Earning money through content on YouTube Shorts is actually even easier than earning money on TikTok. While TikTok requires a minimum of 100,000 followers to even begin monetizing one’s content, YouTube only requires 1,000 subscribers to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program!

However, a con to keep in mind would be that gaining 1,000 subscribers can be a difficult challenge as a starting content creator on YouTube Shorts. Monetization might not be your first milestone if you are still growing your brand.

Content Creation with Versa Creative

YouTube Shorts and the evolving world of social media brings forth many opportunities for content creators to tap into passions they love through video-cased content and ultimately build meaningful relationships with their viewers. From shaping your brand in snippets to engaging with your viewers quickly, the answer to the question, “are YouTube Shorts worth it?” is a resounding yes. 

Even though you’ve got the basic idea that YouTube Shorts is the way to success as a content creator, growing your brand, or understanding the full marketing strategy to maintain your brand’s success can be your biggest challenge. That’s why full-service marketing agencies are equipped with the expertise to support your media endeavors at every step.

Versa Creative is a team of social media experts, copywriters, designers, and more, and whether it’s scheduling your brand’s content or refining your message, Versa is ready for any challenges ahead. Contact us today to see how we can bring your content to success.

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