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What Are the Best Tags on Reels?

December 22, 2022
Versa Creative
Instagram reels have risen in popularity since their release and function as a powerful tool for content creators striving to expand their audience engagement and share their content. Hashtags are one of the best ways to break exposure on Instagram’s reels and establish a presence on your social media platform. They bring your content to the right people and can boost your Instagram posts’ views, likes, and shares. But you need to have a hashtag strategy to effectively expand your reach. 

This blog will dive into the best tags for reels on Instagram and how you can gain traction and interest in your content with the top trending hashtags

The Benefits of Hashtags

A hashtag is a link composed of the pound symbol, letters, numbers, and emojis that categorize content on Instagram. Users use this link to see all the reels tagged with that hashtag, and they can be valuable for people searching for relevant posts for a specific topic, such as fashion, travel, and food.

Hashtags grant users and influencers the ability to connect and build an online community based on a specific topic. They unite a niche of people and can help you work to appeal to the people who are more likely to follow or share your page with others. If you’re working to become viral on Instagram, it’s important to be a part of related conversations to your page’s content.

Popular influencers use hashtags on their reels to raise awareness for a social cause. Because hashtags are catchy and can rapidly engage with a wide audience, they can be useful for spreading your message. You can use them to keep up with today’s news and use relevant hashtags to your advantage. Keeping your page trendy and relevant with current hashtags promotes engagement with your following and potential followers. 

Brand Awareness 

Branded hashtags are specific hashtags for your page and can be a great way to build an established identity on Instagram. Forming that brand affinity helps promote traffic to your Instagram account. These types of hashtags range from names of companies and products to campaigns and slogans, which increase your page’s visibility. 

The best way to start forming your set of branded hashtags is to use your brand’s name as one of your hashtags on your reels and Instagram posts. This can help centralize all of your content on a unique tag and can lasso your audience into engaging with other reels on your page. 

Branded hashtags are simple and short so your audience can easily remember and search your hashtag. Adding hashtags to your Instagram reels that are memorable and distinctive to your page can make an incredible difference for your brand, especially since your content will have no competitors on your tag. 

Here are a few examples of fun branded hashtags that establish brand identity:

  • #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola
  • #JustDoIt by Nike 
  • #TargetRun by Target
  • #JIFRapChallenge by JIF Peanut Butter

Your Target Audience

It’s helpful to have an idea of your brand’s niche and add hashtags that will get the attention of the right people. Users can use hashtags to find relevant topics they are interested in and have a better chance of encountering your reels on Instagram. Your social media marketing can become more focused and prioritize the users that are more likely to engage with or commit to your content.

To find your target audience, you need to gauge the key terms, conversations, and influencers associated with your brand and niche on Instagram. Knowing the ideal verbiage can help you construct the best set of hashtags for your reels. 

If your page specializes in travel reels, some popular hashtags can include:

  • #Travelgram
  • #InstaTravel
  • #Adventure
  • #TravelTheWorld
  • #TravelPhotography

For emerging fashionistas, hashtags for fashion and popular style trends can look like this:

  • #OutfitOfTheDay
  • #FashionWeek
  • #Fashiongram
  • #Covergirl
  • #NewLook
  • #InstaDaily

Users have the option to widen their reach beyond their niche by using generic hashtags. These are the most popular hashtags on Instagram:

  • #Love
  • #Instagood
  • #Fashion
  • #Art
  • #Cute
  • #Photography

Effectively Using Hashtags

Keep in mind that using the most popular hashtags isn’t the only effective way to make your page discoverable. In fact, using the most popular hashtags can drown your content among the other competing posts with the same hashtag. Using incredibly popular hashtags can reach a wide audience of people who are both interested and uninterested in your content. 

The best way to ensure your content is accessible and appeals to the right audience is to use a mix of brand-specific and popular hashtags. Your reach will be narrowed down to interested parties, and your reels won’t be engulfed by other reels.

Setting Up Your Social Media With Versa Creative

Now that you know what the best tags on reels are, you may feel like you can conquer the social media advertising world—and you’re well on your way, but it’s also crucial to understand that hashtags are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing

There are numerous aspects to successful social media marketing, from hashtags to eye-catching graphics and compelling copy, and it can be hard to nail everything down effectively. That’s why full-service marketing agencies are so helpful.

With a professional team of social media experts, copywriters, designers, and more, Versa Creative is more than ready to tackle any of your social media dreams. Contact us today to see how we can skyrocket your social media conversions.

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