|March 31, 2016

Building A Better Web Presence For WG Consulting

If websites are the new windows to the world, then they better be pretty darn perfect, especially since a customer’s first impression of a company is often online. That’s why the design for WG Consulting, a full-service energy consulting firm based in Houston, needed to represent a sense of professionalization while embracing the dynamism of their industry–all without saying a word.

In other words, as designer Annette Elizalde said, we needed “something that looks corporate, but looks like eye candy.”

Design Concepts

The design leans toward a deconstructed vibe, with bold red and grey type and gridded images and text that represent the energy sector. That’s why you’ll see pictures of skyscrapers, oil rigs, and business professionals paired with strong statements like “Build Excellence,” “Experience Matters,” and “Building Strong Relationships.” Each piece of copy reflects elements of WG’s core beliefs while also being eye-catching for visitors.

The site also contains motion video. Upon entering the site, visitors are greeting with striking time-lapse video of office buildings and other cityscapes. The movement and color these videos provide were purposefully chosen.

“I wanted to draw the viewer in and keep them scrolling down,” Elizalde said.


The previous WG site had too much content, so developer Jay Kong said “condensing” that content was crucial. By pairing minimalist copy and images, he said the site is now simple and easy to navigate.

In addition to an easier flow, WG Consulting desired an emphasis on their Careers page.

Kong said the previous site utilized a slider, a negative and sometimes annoying website addition. He remedied this by matching the page content with the overall site design, meaning a continuation of the grid layout and color scheme established on the homepage. The slider is now replaced with a simple drop down menu where prospective employees can upload a resume and their relevant information.

The Versa Method

More often than not, the simplest answer is the best when it comes to website design. Making websites inviting and intuitive are crucial for converting visitors. However, there’s not one solution for all clients, making it crucial that each project meets individual needs. Simplicity worked for WG Consulting, but others may require more in-depth design or content. That’s why Versa makes sure each website detail and content reflects exactly what that company needs.

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