The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing for Law Firms

August 16, 2022
Versa Creative

The saying “It Pays to be Prepared” is true in many aspects of life. Grocery shopping for the week ahead, prepping for the beginning of the school year, and selecting health insurance all fall in the scope of everyday tasks that we complete in order to reap the benefits of preparation. Similar to routine planning, preparing for any unforeseen legal circumstances that may arise is extremely advantageous and will make any future legal issues that much easier to handle. 

This is the main messaging in law firm advertisements, and this blog post will discuss the legal marketing strategy of Direct Mail Marketing, and how law firms can efficiently present the benefits of obtaining legal representation as well as garner new clients using this technique. 

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a marketing strategy that allows a business to communicate directly to a target audience by sending a physical advertisement through direct mail by way of the United States Post Office or other postal service organizations. The goal of these advertisements is usually to gain new or repeat customers, educate readers about the services offered, and advertise any new products or services. Businesses that utilize direct mail marketing often advertise through strategic mail marketing campaigns that are pre-planned and highly targeted. Postcards, flyers, and newsletters are examples of some of the most commonly used media sent through direct mail. 

Return on Investment: How is Direct Mail Marketing Effective?

Direct Mail Marketing is one of the best marketing strategies used to educate and bring awareness to the general public about services that are available, useful, and relevant to them. This form of marketing is also characterized by the fact that it allows the receiver of the mail to open and read, then respond directly to the business that is sending the mail. Procuring as much contact information on potential clients as possible is extremely important in advertising. This is why address verification and access to an accurate address database are some major advantages of direct mail marketing. These aspects alone set it apart from many other marketing efforts in today’s digital era and secure a business’ ROI.
Another way that this form of marketing is effective is that it gives the business that is sending the advertisement more room for creativity! Marketing via the digital age has an edge and has its advantages, but the element of physical touch is missing. With direct mail marketing, businesses are able to send various forms of mail that can incorporate details, such as texture and pop-up effects. A physical advertisement that is interactive and personal stands out from a crowd of irrelevant and impersonal digital advertisements.
Direct mail advertisement is also effective due to the fact that there is less competition. With the rise of social media, many businesses have shifted to focus on digital media campaigns and procuring emails instead of physical addresses. Because of this, the market for direct mail has opened substantially and has allowed businesses to reach a targeted audience that may otherwise be difficult to interact with.

Legal Marketing: Is Direct Mail Marketing Legal?

Absolutely! Direct mail marketing is 100% legal and is one of the original forms of advertising in the United States. All customers or potential customers that receive direct mail have given consent to receive marketing advertisements through the post service and are able to decline this service at will.

How do you market a law firm business?

Relatability is a major aspect of effectively marketing a business to potential customers. In the realm of legal services, law firms have the advantage of being relevant in many people’s lives for both urgent and non-urgent matters. Everyone wants to lessen the blow of life’s unforeseen circumstances. Because of this, law firms are able to effectively market to potential clients as well as the general public because every group of people would benefit from preparation in any legal matter. If law firms are able to explain the preventative benefits of obtaining law services and how cost-effective this service is in comparison to shelling out vast sums of money after an unanticipated circumstance, it instantly becomes relevant to people’s lives.

Studies have shown that as much as 10% of people looking to hire an attorney search for them in the yellow pages. People find value in trusted organizations, so making sure that all bases are covered both online and in physical form is extremely important in gaining new customers and retaining current ones. A benefit of the evolution of marketing is that now businesses can incorporate information obtained through digital marketing and integrate it into direct marketing efforts. In doing this, law offices are able to cover their bases from both a digital and physical standpoint and create a strong and trusted presence overall.

Tips for Effective Direct Mail Marketing 

  1. Engaging Copy and Calls to Action 

How can anyone know that they are being asked to do something if they have not been told? We suggest that you be as specific and direct as possible. Be sure to direct the receiver of the direct mail to complete a certain task that will bring them closer to your business.

  1. Personalization 

No one wants to feel like one out of many. Although we all realize that this is impossible to achieve when marketing to the masses, it can be a make-or-break aspect when trying to obtain new business. An article on states that around 70% of people that receive direct mail marketing feel that the advertisement is more personal than any digital marketing efforts. 

  1. Appealing design 

Creating an impactful advertisement requires the right word usage and intriguing design. Other aspects like the quality of the paper and the style of the envelope also make a major impression on the receiver.

  1. Targeting the right audience 

By pre-selecting the receiver, a business is able to speak to its most relevant audience with laid out and defined goals that are significant to it. Potential customers are more likely to complete a call to action if they find the information they’ve received to be beneficial to them and has the potential to improve their lives in a valuable way.

  1. Choosing the right format 

There are various forms of direct mail. Some examples are brochures, postcards, flyers, and newsletters. We suggest that you choose the format of your direct mail by defining the goals of the mail campaign. For example, postcards are ideal for seasonal events or special celebrations. This format also does not leave much room for privacy, so a business will not want to put any sensitive information on the card.
Another example of this that is specific to law firms is in the instance of a new practice. Using a brochure to advertise a new firm or attorney is a great way to spread the word and get as much information out as possible. These are the types of things that one should consider before selecting a format for direct mail. 

Lastly, we suggest proofreading for any errors before printing, as mistakes can be extremely costly. It is also beneficial to run tests on a smaller population to see if the campaign that has been laid out will be effective. Lastly, be sure to follow up a couple of weeks after sending the mail.

Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Effective?

Yes, it is very effective. The advantages of incorporating information received through digital marketing with information from traditional direct mail allows for a sender to utilize the best perks of each avenue of marketing. Additionally, the added bonus of verified addresses and personalization makes direct mail more effective than other forms of marketing, which is why it has been one of the most trusted ways to market for many years.

Traditional Measures in the Digital Era: Set Up Your Law Firm or Business for Success

If your law firm or business is looking to utilize alternative methods of marketing that are often overlooked, Versa Creative has specialized in many forms of traditional media for years and has created direct mail campaigns for many clients. Contact us today to see how we can set your business apart from the crowd by creating personalized and impactful direct mail marketing assets!

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