4 Powerful Generation Z Marketing Strategies

April 30, 2019
Versa Creative

Targeting millennials proved to be a challenge that changed the way we looked at advertising. Long gone are the days of drawn-out TV commercials and heavy telemarketing. Enter, the generation of those who have watched and adapted to the transformation of both the internet and social media. But as the years pass by, millennials are no longer becoming the main point of focus these days for large and small corporations. The latest to enter the advertising world with an astonishing $44 billion in buying power, Generation Z. Read further for 4 powerful Generation Z marketing strategies.

Who is Gen Z?

Generation Z differs from millennials in that they are the first generation to truly grow up with advanced technology from the start. While they may not have been around for the inception of the internet, they have grown up with it always around. Instead of mastering the use of the internet, the focus for Gen Z appears to be filling it with relevant content and controlling what is deemed to be “in” for the time being. For example, Gen Zers are known to focus on creating unique Instagram stories to capture the attention and admiration from peers, as well as actively following influencers to help them decide what they should wear, buy, eat, and use on a day-to-day basis. They are today’s teens and young adults born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s. This timeframe places Gen Zers at the age of about 13 to 23 years old.

How to Reach Gen Z

Social media will prove to be the love language of Gen Zers. Marketing to Generation Z should come in the form of an ad that is short, to-the-point, and relatable.

1. Length: Generation Z is known for being the most tech savvy. However, studies have shown that the attention span of Gen Zers is shorter than those who have come before them. Therefore, it is acutely important that your ad captures their attention within the first few seconds. For example, if the average ad is 15 seconds long, the first 7 seconds should be attention-grabbing enough for the viewer to either keep watching or click to learn more or purchase. Keep ads short and sweet, and the audience will better follow what you are attempting to showcase.

2. Content: Generation Z prefers their digital marketing to contain true-to-life moving images or videos. Videos that perform the best show the audience what they are attempting to sell or promote right away along with how to use it, in many cases, all in less than 15 seconds. Many Gen Zers are into ads that look clean with minimal colors, few words, and stand out phrases such as “free delivery” or “free 30-day trial.” Blue Apron is a good example of how video ads should look and flow.

3. Relatability: If you have a brand that you think would be able to be used by a younger generation, don’t forget to make your ads relatable! Gen Z is more likely to respond to ads that they can connect with. This may mean diversifying the look of models used in photos, showing how your product or service can help the everyday teen/young adult, displaying an affordable price point, and so much more. Long story short, find out what your younger audience needs and execute how your product can help with that particular need.

4. Promote Efficiency: One of the best Generation Z marketing strategies is to promote a service or product that exudes the ultimate level of efficiency. In fact, efficiency in a product or service is a quality that serves well across all generations. Apps and services such as Uber, Ubereats, and Amazon Prime have proven this to be true time and time again. In addition to gaining a large Gen Z following, Gen Zers are also more likely to know how to use and operate an app or system to its fullest ability to get what they want.

Using Real People in Ads

Generation Z is more likely to connect with ads featuring “real” people rather than models. This is why many big brands such as American Eagle Outfitters and Dove are changing the way they handle their own ads, touching on issues such as diversity and ageism. Newly founded brands like ThirdLove and Glossier are following the same inclusive advertising and marketing campaigns as well, leaving companies who haven’t caught up like Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch, in the dust.

Using real people in ads leads us to discuss social media influencer marketing. While older generations like baby boomers may not understand who social media influencers are and what it means to be one, Gen Z members realize that influencers are the newest version of today’s celebrities. Current influencers created a whole new niche of jobs using a small window in time to successfully utilize social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on to showcase their talents or unique abilities, leading to the generating of a large following from others. Some influencers might show off physical fitness tips and tricks, while others simply review the latest products on the market. Whatever it is, there’s sure to be some sort of following behind it, usually led by Gen Zers.

Adjust Your Content Strategies to Reach Gen Z

These days, everything from cosmetics and a pair of shoes to medication and food plans can be successfully advertised to Generation Z through the proper marketing techniques. It’s never too late to adapt and create engaging Generation Z marketing strategies and content for your brand. Find out more about our creative services on our page.

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