How Does Pay-Per-Click Work?

November 12, 2018
Versa Creative

In the digital age, internet users are getting bombarded with countless ads on a daily basis. It can be difficult to cut through the noise to ensure your business gets the exposure it needs to thrive. Thankfully, digital advertisers are able to utilize PPC ads and campaigns to generate leads and increase the likelihood of conversions. Due to strategic ad placement, users are able to quickly see and click on ads relevant to their search queries. It doesn’t take a digital expert to understand the benefits of this. In fact, PPC has seemingly endless benefits for advertisers and users alike. It’s a highly successful way to introduce your products and services to the people that want them the most. But how does PPC work? Here are a few pointers about this essential digital advertising process.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is an advertising process that provides targeted ads with featured goods or services for individuals who entered relevant queries in search engines. Each time a user clicks on specific ads, the advertiser is charged a small fee, hence the name pay-per-click. This process allows businesses to promote their products or services to targeted users while responsibly managing their digital advertising budget. With PPC, advertisers are able to personalize their audience, utilize smart bidding tactics, and use a wide array of ad types, including search, display, remarketing, email, and video.

How do users see these ads?

Advertisers bid for ad placement on search engines results once a user makes a relevant search. This means more people are able to see ads related to their searches, giving them a strong incentive to click and convert. In fact, PPC advertising has been proven to increase the success rate for conversions since people are more likely to click on relevant ads of their search queries. Best of all, impressions are free, meaning businesses are able to get ad exposure without paying a dime.

How Does PPC Work?

Pay-per-click advertising is seemingly cut and dry at first glance, but digital advertising experts spend their entire careers mastering this complex form of advertising. The term “pay-per-click” is actually rather broad. However, most PPC ads can be categorized within Google and social media ads. Advertisers pay Google a set amount which allows you to display your ads in searches relevant to your products and services. Every time someone clicks on your ad, your budget is charged and eventually depleted. Once the money runs dry, your ads stopping running until you pay for a new campaign. Google ads include search ads, local search ads, remarketing, and display ads. Social media PPC works in a similar manner but allows advertisers to further refine their audiences. Since people aren’t using a search engine, the ads are brought to them based on their interests, location, demographic, and many other factors. The most popular social media PPC ads can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Optimizing PPC Efforts

Industry trends are always in flux, and it’s important to stay abreast of any and all updates since they can directly impact how your ads perform. However, despite new techniques coming out nearly every day, there are a few unfaltering processes that will give you a leading edge in your PPC efforts.

The first is keyword research and strategy. Each PPC ad is linked to specific keywords and it’s vital to review and update them regularly to ensure they reflect your audience, location, industry, and a multitude of other factors.

Another rock solid strategy is conversion tracking. Conversion tracking allows you to see which PPC methods are working to develop future strategies. Otherwise, you’re shooting in the dark and hoping to hit a target. By factoring in your conversion breakeven point and pre-and post-click strategy, you’ll be well on your way to making a significant impact online.

The third strategy is optimizing ad copy, keywords, and landing pages that work together to create a cohesive campaign. If you want to make an impression, you’re going to need keywords relevant to your campaign, ad copy that motivates your audiences, and landing pages that focus on their specific queries. Together, these strategies work in concert to attract and convert.

Why Versa Creative?

Versa Creative is more than a PPC management company, it’s a family of diverse digital, creative, and strategic experts dedicated to your brand. Through comprehensive digital campaigns, powerful remarketing and display advertising, and Google AdWords specializations, we strive to make an impact.

  • Concrete Campaigns
    We properly structure our paid search campaigns based on the specific goals of our clients through detail-oriented processes.
  • Keep Things on Track
    We are mindful of conversion rate optimization when sending users to specific landing pages while also implementing proper conversion tracking.
  • Always in Flux
    Our campaigns are ever-changing, constantly being optimized and split tested to further generate leads and conversions.

At Versa Creative, we do more than create compelling ad copy, we utilize industry best practices and craft impactful ad campaigns that deliver long-lasting results. Further, we partner with the best in the business: Google. As a Google Premier Partner, we get access to exclusive betas to help grow your business as well as ongoing support from Google digital experts. If you’d like to learn about our unique pay-per-click process, visit us online or reach out to a representative today.

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