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From Harvey and Imelda to Coronavirus – Is Houston Prepared From Past Events?

April 29, 2020
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In recent years, Houston has seen its fair share of disasters, all of which have truly tested the mettle and resolve of its inhabitants. From the likes of the category 4 hurricane Harvey and tropical storm Imelda, both having left southeast Texas with damage and devastation, we have seen how our Greater Houston community can put aside differences and come together to support each other in times of desperate need. The coronavirus outbreak is the latest of pandemic events in Houston and around the world, with the mysterious and novel nature of the COVID-19 pandemic leaving us utterly unprepared and unsure of what steps to take.

While these are rough waters to navigate, we have seen how Houstonians have rallied in accordance with health department officials, recommendations to protect public health and prevent community spread. We recognize that one can hardly compare heavy rains, landfall, and hurricanes to an infectious disease. However, Houston’s preparedness to deal with disasters uniquely positions our city to fare better and overcome the economic and social setbacks that are bound to follow the wake of the pandemic in the coming months.


How Houston Dealt with Emergenices

How Houston Dealt With Past Emergencies

Southeast Texas is no stranger to tropical storms and hurricanes, but some are certainly more disastrous than others. Preparing for these types of crises has become second nature, but even when the aftermath leaves us worse off than expected, Houston does a great job of bouncing back. This is due in part to the healthcare workers, first responders, and volunteers. On the ground, these people made the most difference in caring for and protecting people in need. Medical care, housing, and the maintenance of law and order were essential in past disasters to ensure that those who were injured or displaced had the support they needed. Volunteers and donations from around the country also helped so that funding could be made available for relief efforts.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s flooding which caused $125 billion in damages, Houston’s economy has done relatively well. While small businesses tied to neighborhoods such as restaurants undoubtedly suffered, the larger economy has churned on despite a margin of unpaid workers and shutdowns.


How Houston is Responding to Coronavirus

How Houston Is Responding to the Coronavirus

Houston inhabitants are accustomed to pitching in during a state of emergency. When the majority of Harris County and the Greater Houston area was flooded from heavy rainfall and storm surges following Harvey and Imelda, many Houstonians and Texans from other cities joined together to raise money and offer support in whatever way they could. Our current situation requires more delicate action, as doing nothing seems to be the best thing that we can do. In order to help the essential first responders and healthcare workers at our prized medical center, we have been advised to stay home if possible, social distance, and wear masks that cover the nose and mouth when in public.

As with natural disasters like Harvey, the economy has taken a hit. Nonessential businesses have been required to close their doors, leaving many people being laid off or left unpaid for an indefinite period. To make matters worse, the source of our trouble is not finite; the number of new coronavirus cases in Houston has declined, but the health department says that it can still spike again. However, when the dust does finally settle, we can expect the economy to resume similarly as it has in the past. Small businesses will undoubtedly suffer, but the community as a whole should take a turn for the better once the city begins to operate normally.


Versa Creative Helping Houston

Versa Creative Is Here for Houston

As a small business in Houston, Versa Creative feels the weight of this pandemic as much as everyone else. But as an award-winning marketing and advertising agency, we know that there are certain practices and measures that can put your business in the best position to emerge from this pandemic with minimal damage.

If you want to learn more about ways that we can help you to stay in touch with your customers while closed, increase traffic to your online platforms, or boost business once you open again, contact us today for a quote. We offer a diverse range of marketing and public relation services to keep your business performing optimally.

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