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The Benefits of Marketing Through Direct Mail For Real Estate Agents

December 15, 2022
Versa Creative
The real estate marketing industry is constantly evolving and shifting with the market’s current and the advancement of technology. Although digital marketing and technology have made significant steps into the marketing world, leading real estate marketing professionals have firmly remained with the tried and true way of reaching target audiences: direct mail marketing. You’ve seen real estate postcards, magnets, and newsletters. Traditional mail remains an effective way of communication in the marketing world. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into our best tips and strategies for direct mail for real estate agents and how to execute these campaigns effectively.

What is Direct Mail For Real Estate Agents?

Direct mail marketing refers to marketers sending physical correspondence to business clients through direct mail of a postal service organization, which can include items like promotional offers, real estate postcards, gifts, and any products that identify the company’s brand. Targeted direct mail widens clientele by engaging with potential consumers and opening connections to prospects in the local areas. 

In previous years, real estate direct mail campaigns had their challenges reaching target audiences, mostly due to inaccurate data—like postal addresses and zip codes that were out-of-date or had not been updated. But with advanced address verification tools, direct mail campaigns have risen to popularity again in the marketing world. 

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What are the Advantages of Direct Mail? 

Traditional mail has persisted through the age of digital marketing, continuing to increase marketers’ return on investment (ROI) and expanding business and real estate agencies’ clientele. Firstly, direct mail is a great way to interact with customers and cultivate engagement. The tangible nature of direct mailing is one of the most appealing aspects that rope customers into reading your calls to action and promotions. It is a memorable approach to connecting with people and can even rekindle some nostalgic feelings about a time before the rise of social media.  

Direct mail may even have a wider reach than social media over certain demographics in comparison. The response rates for certain demographics, like traditional or older folks, utilizing mailing lists and physical marketing efforts, are higher than they are with digital marketing.

Tips For Mail Marketing Campaigns

1. Know Your Target Audience

It’s important to consider who will receive this direct mail and curate a targeted direct mail list. Making an effective direct mail campaign is an investment, so finding possible clients more likely to engage with your direct mail is a strategic move. 

Real estate agents can use this helpful information about their audience to their benefit, seeking people who fit a particular profile that best aligns with their services. The target audience for real estate agents can include property owners who have a different mailing address from their property address, people with inherited land, landlords dealing with property evictions, and homeowners managing pre-foreclosures. Determining your target audience can also look like selecting between house buyers and sellers and targeting high or low-income housing. 

2. Build a Direct Mailing List

There are a few approaches to effectively designing your mailing list after narrowing down what your ideal recipient looks like. These methods can help increase your response rates from possible prospects.

County and public records are great resources for information, and most records can be accessed at the county assessor’s office. 

Real estate agents also use a process called “driving for dollars,” which refers to real estate agents physically driving through neighborhoods and sifting through properties that pose issues, like long grass and damaged windows. Agents can use the addresses listed to narrow down potential property sellers. 

Working with list brokers is one of the most efficient and potentially inexpensive methods of creating an effective mailing listing. Many online public resources provide real estate agents access to purchase these lists. Although list providers can be one of the quick fixes for your direct mail campaigns, you may often invest a lot of time in filtering through the lists you need. This can be a time-consuming part of your marketing efforts, which is a factor you may consider before seeking a list provider.

3. Timing Your Mail

Timing is everything, and that especially applies to property sales trends and real estate investors. Trends are somewhat unpredictable to track in the most recent years, but the spring months are the time for sales to increase until peak sales in June. The arc of sales throughout the year is a vital part of strategizing your timing. 

For real estate agents, it is imperative to consider that houses are more popularly sold in warmer seasons than in the winter. With this in mind, your direct mail campaign should anticipate this trend and have a scheduled send-out from mid-February until the fall season.

Aligning with the sales trends and taking advantage of those patterns should increase your chances of landing leads.

Then the question arises—what can be sent out during the winter season? Although leads are most likely to land in the spring and summer seasons, being persistent and proactive about brand awareness is a great direction to take in the slow times of the sales market. Thoughtful notes and keepsakes, like holiday cards and handwritten letters, bring a personable touch to your brand and ultimately establish brand awareness. The holidays are an opportune time to remind your area that you are a friendly and dependable realtor.

Frequency is another vital factor in timing your direct mail campaign. You must consider how many times you’d like to connect with your prospects and what would be the most effective number of times. Sending direct mail to prospective clients about once a month is an excellent compromise between sending too often and rarely.

4. What is Your Message?

Describing your ideal recipient and creating a sense of connection is one helpful tip for creating your message. Phrases like ”Need help selling your house?” and “Get a fair offer on your real estate!” engage with your intended audience and shift their eyes to the solutions your real estate agency offers. Still, it’s crucial to include copy that fits the brand and tone of your agency or company. Punchy and motivating copy is always compelling, but make sure that your copy points audiences to your brand’s foundational messaging and values. 

Additionally, a call to action is a powerful marketing strategy to incorporate into your messages because it is straight-to-the-point and assertive. A call to action can express a sense of urgency and confidence in your services. 

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5. Compelling Visuals

The chances are that your direct mail marketing advertisement will be just one of over 450 pieces of marketing mail the average American consumer receives in a year. When the competition is so stiff, it’s important to make sure that your message stands out. Above, we talked about how to engage your audience while they’re reading your message, but before you can focus on the message you’re imparting, you need to ensure that your audience is reading it.

Visuals are a crucial part of what you’re sending to possible prospects, especially since they are the most significant factor in capturing their attention to read your message. Your message’s most important and visible parts need to be simple, concise, and compelling. Simplicity is key. Short and effective words can make a great quick impact when you’re working with a short amount of time to catch your prospect’s attention. Especially in postcards that do not need an envelope, your marketing efforts need to be easy and eye-catching. A good way to do this is to use compelling graphic design elements and typography so that every word conveys a tone, your brand, and your call to action.

Set Up Your Campaign for Success

Ultimately, direct mail for real estate agents is still an effective marketing strategy to land leads, even in the digital era. Traditional direct mail allows for a unique connection with possible prospects and can even make your real estate agency stand out from the rest. It is also one of the most reliable and effective ways to market your agency because of the verified addresses and the personalization. 

If your real estate agency is searching for a way to market itself with methods like direct mailing campaigns, the specialized team at Versa Creative offers years of experience in traditional media and direct mail campaigns. Contact us today to see how we can showcase your unique business by creating personalized and impactful direct mail marketing assets!

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