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The 4 Most Common Website Errors & How to Fix Them

March 29, 2019 | Versa Admin

Perfection is in the details when it comes to managing a website. From error codes to broken links, the common error occurrence can distort that image of perfection. Luckily, the more common a website error is, the more resources you have at your disposal. If your website is relatively new, learning how to fix these errors is all part of the process. Here are the 4 most common website errors and how to fix them.

Problem: Duplicated Content
Easy fix:

Your first step when building a website should be to nip obvious errors in the bud. It is well known that new visitors to your website will most likely have discovered your site not through a web browser but through a search engine. Duplicated content and duplicated keywords compete with each other in search engines when there are too many of the same words on a page. To check if you have used too many of the same keyword on a webpage, simply press “Control (Ctrl) F” on your keyboard and type in the keyword you would like to search for. The keyword will appear highlighted throughout the page, and the search bar will allow you to see how many times that word has been used. From there, you can make adjustments. There are also audit tools developed by Google for web devs to easily identify problems in a URL that could affect search engine performance. Learn more about website audits here.

Problem: Conversion Forms
Easy fix:

If you notice that your website is receiving little to no conversion form submissions, the problem may not be a technical error. Rather, there may be something wrong with the questions being asked or the information being asked of the submitter. Your first step in identifying this problem is spell checking and making sure every question makes sense. It’s hard to fill out a form that doesn’t make sense and may discourage people from submitting anything at all. You should also ensure that you are not expecting too much information from submitters. Nobody wants to fill out a long form. Instead, keep your forms simple and non-invasive. Asking for a name, email, and an optional message box should be plenty of information for most conversion forms. Asking for an address, phone number, or the submitter’s gender, can be seen as intrusive and an invasion of privacy.

Problem: Broken Link
Easy fix:

Broken links are incredibly common among websites because they are easy to overlook. While a link may still appear blue and underlined, it may no longer take a user to a viable page. Checking for broken links manually means having to click on each link individually to determine if it leads to the correct webpage. To prevent your website from being riddled with broken links, you can use a broken link checker. With this tool, you can simply enter your page’s URL and it will detect which links are broken. From there, you can easily go back and replace any dead links your website may have.

Problem: Web Page Error Message
Easy fix:

There are a multitude of http error codes that you may run across on your website. Among the most common website errors is “404 Error”, or the “Not Found” web page. With this code, there is usually nothing to worry about, as an Error 404 indicates that while the specific page is not reachable, the server itself is. If you receive this error, the problem may lie in something as simple as a typo in the redirect, a broken source link, or a deleted page. If you are coming across multiple different error codes on your website, provides a list of the most common http status codes and an explanation for each one.

Server Issues

Sometimes, a site’s issues stem not from any page but from the web server. However, if your server is down, there are many possible problems with simple solutions. For instance, a common problem is that a cable has become unplugged or loosened. If your server is connected wirelessly, check to make sure WiFi is enabled.

Another common occurrence is when you can’t seem to connect to your server at all. In this case, you will need to know your internal IP number. Many make the mistake of using an external IP address, instead, try to connect to a new server.

Lastly, when it comes to server issues, there is not always an easy fix, and sometimes certain problems can be out of your control. If you suspect there may be a regional outage in your area, you can check with the live Microsoft servers outage map.

First-Hand Experience

For more website building, digital marketing tips, and information, visit Versa Creative blogs. As a creative ad agency with first-hand experience with web development, Versa Creative uses their platform to deliver helpful tips, such as this blog on the 4 most common website errors and how to fix them, for the complete marketing experience.

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