New Graphic Design Trend: The Coffee Shop Look

January 20, 2015
Versa Creative

Chalkboard Hand-lettering

Tucked away in a street corner is a small coffee shop with mismatched furniture, funky decor, and the fragrant scent of roasted coffee beans. Up on the blackboard is their menu of espresso concoctions and delicate pastries written in an array of contrasting fonts, detailed with swirls and banners. This typography is meant to bring out the feel of the coffee shop, and all kinds of brands have started to use this chalkboard hand-lettering. Brands such as Minute Maid, TGI Friday’s, and even McDonald’s have incorporated it into their advertisements.

Perhaps companies are using chalkboard hand-lettering to give their products a handmade and authentic association. For example, McDonald’s could be trying to convey that their coffee is not just a cheap fast food option but an actual crafted, high-quality beverage. Although you may usually see advertisements decorated in menu style writing, there are different varieties of chalkboard hand-lettering.

Graphic designers Dana Tanamachi and Molly Jacques have been called the masters of chalkboard hand-lettering, each with their distinct styles. Tanamachi’s style includes large block letters, old fashioned and vintage fonts, and various word orientations. Jacques is more known for a flowy, cursive typography with similar orientation. Both are complete with swirling details and banners.

This trend could stem from the aesthetically pleasing collage of words, or perhaps, it stems from the intangible feelings reminiscent of a warm and comfortable coffee shop just a short way from home. Perhaps this trend has caught on because companies want to stand out in the current digital age with unique, variable typography among the monotonous fonts to which consumers have become accustomed.

Whether you are looking for a new web design, brochure design, or advertisements with this new graphic design trend, our Houston-based graphic designers can give your brand the chalkboard hand-lettering look it needs to revitalize.


To complement the chalkboard hand-lettering trend, the graphic design world has experienced a surging use of letterpress. This embossed or debossed printing gives a couture vibe to simple lettering. Reminiscent of a nice greeting card, letterpress provides texture to monochromatic mediums and backgrounds. The effect does not need to be stamped to be perceived; through advanced photoshop techniques, the letterpress look can be imitated on flat surfaces.

The letterpress effect can often be found on business cards, greeting cards, and invitations. A brand’s logo can often be found debossed on promotional materials. Lately, letterpress has been found in advertisements, and its use will only continue to grow. Perhaps soon we will see even more informational cards, menus, and posters detailed with the letterpress look.

Versa Creative Group’s graphic designers can give your brand the letterpress treatment in new and unique ways. We can elevate the quality of your advertisements and promotional materials with this popular trend or even unite both the chalkboard hand-lettering and letterpress trends to create an incomparable ambiance for your brand. Set up a consultation with our Houston advertising agency to see what we can do for you and your company.

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