Real Estate Video Marketing: Your Brand in Motion

Real Estate Video Marketing: Your Brand in Motion

July 7, 2021
Versa Creative

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a hundred novels. Without a doubt, videos are key to capturing audiences, especially in the real estate industry. In fact, real estate video marketing is essential in this day and age—a picture can only depict so much, but with quality videos, real estate brands are able to engage potential clients while also offering them better insights for buying decisions. And video marketing strategy can go far beyond featuring homes. From testimonial videos to Facebook Live posts, real estate professionals have turned to video content to capture their target audience and generate more leads compared to traditional property photographs. Ready to put your real estate brand in motion? Here are the basics you need to know for your video marketing efforts.

Types of Real Estate Videos

First, let’s discuss different types of videos for real estate, as each is essential in reaching potential buyers. 

Real estate video listings are essential for all listings.

Listing Videos

When it comes to real estate video marketing, listing videos are absolutely essential. In fact, your listing videos should be your number one priority. By showcasing your properties in attractive, well-produced videos, you will be able to effectively draw in clients at the top of the funnel and beyond. Real estate is viciously competitive, and agents should use every marketing tool at their disposal to get a leading edge. Looking to take your video production to new heights? Capture your real estate listings with advanced drones to stand out from competitors.

One type of real estate marketing videos is testimonial videos where clients can provide insight on your services.

Testimonial Videos

Purchasing a home is a massive decision, so you can better believe homebuyers are going to do their homework by reading reviews about your properties and agency. And there’s no better way to express your value proposition than with people who have experienced your services first-hand. 

With meet the team real estate marketing videos potential customer can get to know you and the team.

Meet the Team Videos

Finding the right real estate agents is almost as important as finding the right home. People want to know who they’re doing business with. What’s their personality like? What are their values? All of this and more can be expressed with a meet the team video. Whether it’s through a high-level production introduction video for your website or a short video for social media, these reels can have a really big impact on your brand perception. 

Live Videos

In a fast-moving world, one of the best ways to draw the attention of viewers is with live-streaming videos. Facebook is the most popular live stream app used by real estate agents, allowing them to reach their followers in real-time.

With informative real estate videos, real estate agents and companies can help buyers on their journey.

Informative Videos

To further support your content marketing efforts, informative videos can be highly effective without being sales-heavy. Whether you’re highlighting buying or selling tactics or informing audiences about the best features to look for in a home, this content further educates your viewer and positions you as an industry leader.

Real estate marketing videos have many benefits for real estate agents and companies that want to increase their sales.

Benefits for Your Brand

The benefits of real estate videos are nearly boundless, but here are a few ways they can give your brand a boost for the better:

Benefits Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

At the top of the sales funnel, real estate videos are great for producing page views, granting exposure to your brand with engaging content. In fact, websites with embedded video links can rank higher and drive more traffic than those without.

Towards the middle and end of the sales funnel, interested parties may be more inclined to reach out or take the next big step if the listing is presented with high-quality video content.

Immerses Your Audience

Your audience wants to view your listing in ways that offer exciting and immersive experiences. This can be accomplished with content that allows them to explore, such as virtual tours or other interactive videos. This kind of content not only allows them to see everything your listing has to offer, viewers typically spend more time invested with an interactive experience. 

Provides Versatile Content

From video listings to testimonials to drone footage, video content is highly versatile, allowing you to accomplish goals across nearly every aspect of your marketing strategy.

With the right production and know-how you can create stunning and engaging real estate videos

Video Production Tips

Producing a high-quality video for real estate often requires years of industry experience and high-end equipment. However, with the right production know-how, there are tips and tricks you can use with your smartphone to create stunning and engaging content. 


Lighting can turn a dark and dingy-looking shot into a frame that inspires audiences. While professional lighting equipment can be expensive, natural light can do wonders when utilized right. When making your real estate video, make sure there is plenty of natural light to fill the room. If you are shooting figures, make sure their backs are not to a light source, as this darkens their features and washes out the background.

Use a Smartphone Mic Attachment

Quality audio is just as important as the video you shoot. If you are addressing your audience, make sure to purchase and utilize a smartphone mic attachment, as this provides much greater sound quality compared to your phone’s native mic.

Frame the Shot

While proper framing often requires an educated eye, we recommend making the most out of your video shoots by opting for framed compositions that provide depth. Filming in front of flat walls or backgrounds rarely leads to visually inspiring shots. 

It's important to share your real estate marketing videos on various platforms.

Share Your Video

Your video is never truly finished until it’s shared with an audience. To get the most out of your real estate video, we suggest adopting a multi-channel marketing strategy. Here are a couple of popular channels to focus on:

Social Media

Social media is perfect for real estate marketing since it often blurs the lines between entertainment and advertising. We suggest utilizing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition to regularly posted content, the use of features like Facebook Live or Instagram Stories are great tools to help capture your audience in a casual manner.


Your website should serve as the hub of all your video content. With intuitive user experiences, potential clients have the opportunity to browse your listings in one convenient place. The longer they explore, the longer you build up brand exposure, making it more likely for them to take the next step towards purchasing. 


When it comes to video content, YouTube is still the reigning champion, which makes it a perfect place to publish your videos. However, it’s important to maintain a curated channel with industry best practices. Otherwise, your content may get lost in a sea of videos. Best practices include using purposeful titles and descriptions, making playlists, optimizing video tags, and much more.

Hire a Professional

Without a doubt, quality videos often yield quality leads. While low-production-quality videos can make an impact on certain platforms like social media, we highly recommend representing your brand with its best foot forward. This can be accomplished by hiring a professional—a crew that has the right camera techniques, lighting, and other essential equipment to benefit your brand.

Looking to elevate your real estate videos? Versa Creative, a full-service marketing agency, has over twelve years of experience producing powerful, results-driven video content. No matter your real estate marketing needs, trust our team of content experts’ best practices and raw talent to create exciting videos that convert. Contact us today!

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