|May 15, 2016

SIRE Brings Joy Into People’s Lives

Cowboys rustling up some cattle. Storming the grounds of The Kentucky Derby. Pulling a carriage through the streets of New York City. These are typically what we think of regarding the usefulness of horses. But SIRE, a Texas-based non-profit organization, knows horses offer much more than basic transportation or entertainment.

Founded in 1983, SIRE believes horses can therapeutically transform quality of life for those with special needs through sensory stimulation and physical and emotional improvements, like balance and coordination, posture, self-esteem, and confidence. For these reasons and more, we at Versa Creative Group are proud to support SIRE’s efforts improving lives each day through weekly riding programs, horsemanship field days, and more. Even more amazing is the number of ways SIRE spreads its message. Throughout the year, the organization holds many events to spread awareness and raise funds. These events range from a golf tournament benefitting Horses for Armed Forces, SIRE’s veteran program, a SIRE Ride-A-Thon, and, of course, a jousting tournament.

Joust Fest Texas, an annual festival in Katy, features a variety of medieval demonstrations from performers across the globe. But between the charging and dueling SIRE shows off what they do best – helping others – through live demonstrations of their own and a horse sponsorship auction. We are inspired by SIRE’s commitment to the community. It’s for reasons like these Versa Creative Group looks forward to a continued partnership with SIRE.

For more information about the awesome work SIRE produces, check out their website for volunteering opportunities, locations, upcoming events, and more.

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