Standing Behind Houston?s Frontline Workers

Standing Behind Houston’s Frontline Workers

April 29, 2020
Versa Creative

The term frontline workers” is often seen as images of soldiers in uniforms fighting for their country; however, as we face this”invisible opponent,” doctors and nurses are the ones combating the pandemic. Houston’s frontline workers are essential. During this coronavirus outbreak, there are workers from vastly different industries working together towards the common goal of keeping the city and its patrons safe.

These individuals are working like machines to keep the city in motion, no matter the cost. From police officers to bus drivers and grocery workers, the medical industry isn’t the only sector tasked with keeping Houston safe. The country can’t operate without them, and the city of Houston won’t work efficiently; their efforts during the coronavirus outbreak pandemic are extraordinary and awe-inspiring. Here are some things you can do to minimize the spread of the virus to support and protect Houston’s frontline workers.

Advice to Protect Ourselves

Advice to Protect Ourselves is Clear:

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Self-isolate if you feel unwell
  • Maintain social distancing


The Faces of Essential Workers

Many individuals are fighting this unknown battle, not just healthcare workers during this troubling time. Here are some essential workers during this pandemic crisis:

Houston Medical Workers

Healthcare Workers

Hospitals are rescheduling their operations and halting elective medical procedures in order to better accommodate the influx of coronavirus cases. Healthcare workers have seen an increase in challenging decisions and are rapidly changing their sleep, work, and family schedules to work around the clock to help the rise of coronavirus cases not just in Houston but nationwide. The medical staff members have been working nonstop due to the severity of cases coming into the hospitals, as well as working at different testing locations. You can find the closest testing location if you or anyone in your family is accessible to symptoms of coronavirus.

Healthcare workers are tested before going in for their shifts by checking their temperatures and wearing personal protective equipment (face masks & gloves) with their scrubs. Healthcare workers are the most susceptible to getting the coronavirus, so all measures are being taken to ensure their wellbeing.

Houston Grocery Store Workers

Grocery Workers

Just like hospitals around the nation, grocery store workers have found themselves on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic. Different grocery stores have had to increase their staff during this outbreak to keep up with individuals stocking up on food and goods for the month-long stay at home order. With grocery stores being one of the essential places for products during this time, stores have become slammed with individuals. With the number of online orders coming in, stores have hired an abundance of workers to help keep the inventory stocked.

Grocery workers have to work longer hours, making sure that all products are restocked (before, during, or after hours) for the next rush. Grocery stores have implemented social distancing initiatives by limiting shoppers in stores or setting up guidelines for aisles and cash registers to ensure a six-foot distance. Grocery workers are wearing face masks and other personal protective equipment to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Moreover, stores are also implementing plexiglass walls at cash registers as sneeze guards. Stores are even asking employees if they feel unwell or experience a high temperature to stay home for the safety of those around them.

Houston Mental Healthcare Workers

Mental Health Workers

Individuals are forced to acclimate to new lifestyle challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak, including sick family members and job losses. Mental health workers have also seen an increase in appointments due to stay at home orders increasing depression-like symptoms. Counselors, therapists, and psychotherapists have had an increase in requests for counseling services, and longer wait times have ensued due to the number of people signing up for sessions. Counseling sessions are still being available in-person or via teleconferencing depending on an individual’s social distancing preferences.


Appreciation for Frontline Workers

Since the coronavirus outbreak has become apparent in Houston and Harris county, many different businesses are showing frontline workers appreciation for their efforts to keep Houston safe and running effectively.

  • Restaurants, hotels, and organizations are providing hospitals lunches for all healthcare workers and staff?
  • Restaurant corporations are offering ‘free or discounted’ food for healthcare workers and first responders
  • Some therapists are offering free sessions for frontline healthcare workers?
  • Care packages, Face masks, and hand sanitizer have been donated to hospitals, nursing homes, and grocery stores
  • Dealerships are sanitizing essential workers cars for free and some are providing free oil changes?
  • Police Officers, Fire, and EMS medical staff members are parking in front of hospitals and giving nurses/doctors leaving or entering the facilities standing ovations for their efforts during this time

In a time of crisis, we should be working together to make sure that our city runs efficiently and opens on good terms. This is achieved by the stay at home regulations and face mask rules that Houston has established.

Versa Creative Stands Behind Frontline Workers

Versa Creative Stands Behind Frontline Workers

As Houstonians, we at Versa Creative are grateful for all that Houston’s frontline workers and essential staff do to protect the city and its citizens. Their dedication and sacrifice form the backbone of the city of Houston. These frontline workers should be commended for all the long hours and days that they have put into protecting Houstonians during the coronavirus pandemic. To our frontline workers, we thank you for your service.

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