The Basics of Commercial Photography

December 12, 2018
Versa Creative

There are few mediums as powerful as photography. It has the ability to capture audiences and speak to their motivations with astonishing accuracy. Most people are visual learners and photography allows individuals to connect with brands on a more personal level, giving them the insight they need to take action. A glistening bottle of Coke can make anyone parched on a summer’s day. It’s influential imagery like this that makes up commercial photography. Commercial photography encompasses a vast array of purposes and techniques, but here is a brief overview of what this powerful medium has to offer.

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography is the act of taking pictures to be used for commercial purposes. From product placements to merchandising to advertisements, commercial photography is meant to engage audiences and promote products through stunning imagery. Commercial photography can be found on the web or in print materials or wherever advertisers need to reach audiences. Typically, commercial photography is used in retail and wholesale sectors. More often than not, a commercial photo shoot is solely focused on the products being captured rather than other aspects of advertising. Commercial photography can include products, business promotions, food photography, fashion, portrait, and much more.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Advertising Photography?

Commercial photography focuses on a particular product and strives to display it in the best possible manner. In many ways, the purpose of commercial photography is to engage audiences that are searching for a specific product. They already know what they want so it’s the photographer’s job to showcase it in a positive light to encourage conversions.

For lack of a better word, advertising photography has a lot more pizazz! It’s flashier and commonly found in the full spread of a magazine. While commercial photography showcases the function of a product, advertising photography is all about capturing an idea or feeling. This type of photography is often used by fragrance companies, giving audiences a glimpse into a desirable lifestyle.

Commercial Photography Best Practices

For commercial photography, it’s important to understand that the product should always be the main focus. The lighting, background, blocking, and styling should all highlight the product above all else. This can be achieved with top-of-the-line equipment, including cameras, lights, and appropriate props to further highlight the subject. Make sure you have the appropriate lenses, tripods, light fixtures, and other essential equipment. Once again, the product should be the main focus of your photo shoot. If you feel as though other elements are skewing the hierarchy of your shot, consider rearranging your composition.

Types of Commercial Photography

Types of commercial photography are determined by the purpose of the photo shoot. Whether you’re selling a product, promoting your business, taking photos for a menu, capturing your fashion line, or taking portraits, commercial photography has a wide range of purposes. To find out which type or technique is best for you, talk to a professional photographer who is intimate with your brand.

Why Versa Creative?

At Versa Creative, we have all the right equipment to capture your brand. From lights to cameras to green screens, it’s our passion to bring your products to life with state-of-the-art photography equipment. Yet beyond the tools of the craft, we have expert minds behind the camera. After all, a camera is essentially useless if you don’t have a professional photographer handling it. Our team of experts will guide you through the photo shoot in order to yield exceptional visual assets. Want to learn more? Visit us online and learn about our unique photography process or talk to a Versa Creative representative today!

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