AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals.

Versa Goes Platinum at the 2021 AVA Awards

March 5, 2021
Versa Creative

We are proud to announce that Versa Creative has once again won big at the AVA Awards! This year we submitted several results-driven campaigns, and each was recognized by the international competition.

With the submission of integrated campaigns and individual campaigns for search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing, our team brought home four Platinum Awards (the highest recognition), two Gold Awards, and an honorable mention! This brings our total number of AVA Digital Awards to 19 from the last three years.


What Are the AVA Digital Awards?

According to avaawards.com, AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design, and production of digital communication. Each submission is administered and judged by marketing and communication professionals. During this process, every aspect of the submission is taken into consideration, from campaign performance to design and production. With a wide range of categories to consider, the chosen winners are ranked with Platinum, Gold, and honorable mention awards.


Our 2021 Awards


Social Media Campaign

ZT Corporate

CEO COVID-19 Test Challenge Campaign

ZT Corporate is a Houston-based investment firm focused on healthcare, automotive, and various other industries. With the pandemic crippling the economy in 2020, ZT Corporate sought out safe and productive ways to stimulate businesses. As the Chairman and CEO of ZT Corporate, Taseer Badar pledged to provide free COVID-19 tests to all of his employees in an effort to responsibly reopen the economy. He nominated three other CEOs in what became known as the “CEO COVID Test Challenge,” asking them to do the same, which resulted in a viral movement. The Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, also showed his support by joining in on the challenge.

Versa Creative launched a social media campaign surrounding this challenge, taking strategic efforts to target key audiences. Needless to say, the campaign was a tremendous success across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

ZT Corporate through their "CEO COVID Test Challenge" created a viral movement. Social media marketing around this challenge proved successful.



Integrated Marketing Campaign

Harris County Department of Education

The Harris County Department of Education provides academic services to Harris County, including specialty schools, preschools, after-school programs, therapy services, adult education, and much more. For the following integrated campaign, the digital teams at Versa Creative set out to bring awareness to HCDE’s essential services through highly targeted pay-per-click and social media campaigns, as well as other creative and traditional efforts. In addition, specialized PPC ads were launched to target teachers looking for job opportunities

The Harris County Department of Education campaign raised brand awareness using targeted pay-per-click and social media.



Integrated Marketing Campaign

Village Emergency Centers

Village Emergency Centers is a group of freestanding emergency centers dedicated to providing expert medical care 24/7. In response to the ongoing pandemic, it was vital for Village Emergency Centers to provide timely COVID-19 testing to Houston and its surrounding communities. In an effort to drive traffic and reach audiences in targeted communities, we launched an integrated digital campaign, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media.

Village Emergency Centers integrated marketing campaign raised awareness of the COVID-19 testing offered at the emergency centers.



Integrated Marketing Campaign

Massage Heights

Massage Heights offers a relaxing experience through a number of services, including massages, hot stone therapy, cupping, facials, and more. We wanted to develop a fully integrated campaign to inform audiences of the importance of massages, as they are a key element to overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle. With the knowledge that Massage Heights is a nationally recognized brand, we sought to create engaging digital ads promoting these key points all across Houston through pay-per-click and social media campaigns. The campaigns consisted of search ads, display ads, videos, and much more.

The Massage Heights campaign used engaging digital ads that promoted the brand through pay-per-click and social media campaigns.



SEO Campaign

BEL Furniture

BEL Furniture has a long-standing reputation in Texas for providing quality furniture at affordable prices. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our marketing strategies drastically to focus more on online marketing for the retailer.

Among these efforts, the search engine optimization team was able to redirect lost foot traffic toward the website through aggressive Google My Business promotions and updates. In addition, blog content was increased, focusing on the need for furniture during times when many were staying at home and practicing social distancing.

In response to COVID-19, BEL Furniture adapted their marketing strategy to focus on digital. These efforts focused on pay-per-click and seo.



Digital Advertising Campaign

PODS Houston

PODS Houston is part of a nationwide moving and storage company providing on-site containers for residential and commercial customers. In an effort to increase phone calls and ultimately conversions, we set out to advertise their services through a strategic pay-per-click campaign. The campaign consisted of highly targeted search and remarketing ads enticing audiences to “Get a Quote,” which led to significant year-over-year results.

PODS through a strategic pay-per-click campaign increased phone calls and ultimately conversions. The campaign led to significant year-over-year results.



Integrated Marketing Campaign

Vital Heart & Vein

Vital Heart & Vein is a Houston-based facility providing comprehensive care for cardiovascular conditions. In an effort to bolster their local presence and positively impact their online reputation, we strategized an integrated digital campaign with pay-per-click, social media, and reputation management services.

Vital Heart & Vein through an integrated digital campaign bolstered their local presence and online reputation.


Your Award-Winning Agency


In addition to the AVA Awards, Versa Creative is proud to have won honors and recognitions from numerous other organizations. See our full list of awards on our website or view our portfolio to experience the work firsthand! At Versa Creative, the awards we receive are simply a byproduct of our passion to deliver results and push forward the evolution of digital communication. Yet this is just the beginning, keep an eye out for more 2021 awards on the way!

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