|April 15, 2016

Versa And HISD Join Teams

Versa Creative Group is pleased to announce we are going to school. Not the classroom, per se, but we have partnered with the Houston Independent School District.

This new partnership is an exciting time for all involved. As a Houston-based agency, working with local school districts is such an honor. Whether it be broadcasting recent accomplishments or looking to the future, we look forward to dreaming big for years to come. Here are just a few reasons1 we are ready for inspiration.

  • HISD is the largest school district in Texas (and Texas is a big state) and the 7th largest in the United States.
  • HISD accounts for more than 29 thousand full- and part-time jobs, among one of the largest employers in the Houston area.
  • A spectacular set of core values that respects students, employees, and the community.

We’re ready for all the creative opportunities our new collaboration will bring! Now excuse us – we have a bus to catch.

1 Statistics taken from HISD website (www.houstonisd.org)

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