Why is Data Analysis Important?

September 3, 2019
Versa Creative

Quality of work is an extremely important part of having a successful business. However, behind the scenes data analysis is extremely important as well. Aside from the products or services a business is able to produce, data analytics sets one business apart from others based on important scales of measurement such as return on investment (ROI) and overall performance and productivity within the business.

What is data analysis?


While data science sounds extremely vague, to a business, it can get super-specific. Data is the facts and figures that can lead a business in one direction or another. Each department has its own set of data and relies on it often. The data accumulated monthly or even yearly can help the strategy of a business moving forward.


For example, if a business that sells a certain product wants to hone in on their audience through digital marketing, they might heavily rely on data sets to help them achieve their business goals. The data the team uses will best assist them in knowing which channels of digital marketing work best for their brand, find their optimal target audiences, and collect other customer data like click-through rate for web pages. Moving forward, they can present the data they have to the rest of the team and brainstorm the next steps in helping the company grow.


Set goals

Before you start collecting numbers right away, you should establish goals for your business.

Before you start collecting numbers right away, you should establish goals for your business. Whether you meet with each team individually or jot down your own ideas, you should absolutely collaborate and come up with important yet attainable goals. This might mean selling a high amount of product, reaching a certain number of people using their email addresses through email marketing, or gaining a particular number of likes on Facebook. Whatever your goal is, strategize with your teams to create the best opportunity to achieve said goal.


Main benefits

Make Informed Business Decisions: The decisions you make based on the data you’re given can change the entire course of your business! Reliable data can help you make the big business decisions you need to keep growing and succeeding. With your company’s goals in mind, double and triple-check to make sure that the data you’re reading is as reliable as possible. This means taking away any factors that could skew the results.

It Helps to Be Skeptical:

  • It Helps to Be Skeptical: Have you asked all of the right questions when it comes to the results? Take a deep dive into new developments and examine them with those necessary. Question information that seems off and keep track of the results on a regular basis. Once you have done that, use the data you have to try and predict what’s coming next. While it may sound like a gamble, your data and your team should give you the clarity you need to go ahead and make moves that will shift and mold the business for the better.

 important data science

  • More Than Data: We’ve spent a lot of time pointing out how important data science is but it is also critical to note that it isn’t everything. Does this sound confusing? It isn’t! Yes, the data you are given should have an influence on how you move forward, but you should also take into account the work you are doing and the team members behind each move. Pinpoint the problems that arise based on your data and investigate how you can find a solution that works best for the business.

When you can successfully predict positive change and improve business intelligence

  • Reduce Loss & Gain Effectiveness: When you can successfully predict positive change and improve business intelligence, you can avoid heavy loss including ROI, loss of products, or even retaining employees. With a new standard to go off of based on your data, managers and employees can know what to expect as the industry fluctuates over time.

Invest in a team of data analysts and set up internal processes that can help your business flourish. Someone who has the proper knowledge and experience can offer easy to understand answers for the commonly asked question, “Why is data analysis important?” They can provide real-time results and help other departments gauge what can remain the same and where there is room for adjustment. At Versa Creative, we provide our clients with substantial data used to focus on building upon campaigns that will benefit them. We take brands further by having dedicated teams for each of their goals, no matter the genre. Visit our website and continue to read our blog for more insights and information on our services.

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