The Energy Corridor District

Versa Creative worked with the Energy Corridor District to lead and roll out their major rebrand. This included refining their brand voice and tone, core messaging, and messaging matrix, launching a marketing campaign strategy with suggested platforms and unique brand tones for each channel and audience, creating the budget allocation for the campaign, and producing creative assets and campaigns for traditional and digital advertising.


The Energy Corridor District is a premier, centrally located business hub home to some of the world’s largest corporations, thousands of acres of parks and open space, good schools, and diverse retail locations. The District has long been home to some of the world’s largest energy companies as well as medium and small start-up, tech, and engineering firms, making it the heart and soul of the Energy Capital of the World. Now, the District’s pioneering companies are leading energy’s evolution and Houston’s quest to become the Energy Transition Capital of the World.


The Versa Creative team created a three-pronged messaging and brand tone matrix to address the three separate audiences of the District: the community, cultural, and corporate populations seeking the District as a potential new home. The tone matrix further involved differentiating between messages from the official Energy Corridor District and the perceived community of the Energy Corridor beyond its designated boundaries.


The campaign focused on the Energy Corridor District’s desirability for innovators, mid-sized corporations, and small business owners in addition to its dedication to its constituents. Creative assets included traditional billboards and media advertisements, digital display ads, organic social media, social media ads, and branded assets such as postcards, stationary, digital flyers, and more.