Versa Creative’s partnership with the Health Equity Collective began with a half-day Discovery and Strategy Workshop, where our team worked collaboratively to understand goals and ensure that messaging across all platforms was aligned.

The Challenge

Versa started with a half-day Discovery & Strategy Workshop to understand goals, mission and align messaging. Additionally, a SWOT analysis was performed to further understand how to position HEC in the most appealing way to gain traction and brand awareness and their target market.


Established in 2018, with a board of over 400 members representing 140 organizations, The Health Equity Collective has a vision to provide health equity to all of Greater Houston. By the year 2025, The Health Equity Collective has goals to reduce food insecurity across the greater Houston region by 5%, and improve health outcomes including diabetes, obesity, mental health, and COVID-19.

The Ask

The Health Equity Collective wanted to efficiently educate the city of Houston and surrounding areas of the various social determinants of health that can create inequities within our communities. We needed to effectively brand this organization as a credible, trustworthy health resource for the Houston community. However, with a focus on healthcare professional recruitment, as well as distributing knowledge to the general public, it was crucial to convey core messaging with the tone and voice that correlates to the correct audience. The overall objective of the Health Equity collective was to create an impactful, sustainable, systemic change in the healthcare of the community, and Versa Creative was inspired to support them in making this objective a reality.