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Kubosh Law


The Challenge

Known as the largest traffic law firm in Harris County, Kubosh Law provides essential traffic defense for commercial and standard driver’s licenses. Looking to expand their influence in Harris County and beyond, the client needed a greater online presence to reach audiences far and wide. In addition, their website needed a refresh to provide current and prospective clients with a user-friendly experience.

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The Objective

With the client’s needs in mind, our team set out to achieve their goals through focused PPC and social media campaigns. Our objective was to increase phone calls, form submissions, as well as social media efforts to ultimately gain conversions. With combined research and an overarching strategy, we carried out these initiatives with a purpose to achieve long-lasting results.

The Results

The results of our PPC and social media campaigns were successful all around. Not only were we able to significantly increase calls and submissions, our social media efforts greatly impacted the brand’s total reach, impressions, clicks, and organic engagement. In addition, our web design initiatives produced a pleasant and intuitive website, making it easier for audiences to learn more about Kubosh Law and set an appointment.

35% YOY

Form Submission Increase

20% YOY

Phone Call Increase

116% YOY

Total Reach Increase

252% YOY

Total Impressions Increase

72% YOY

Total Clicks Increase

26% YOY

AVG CPC Decrease

220% YOY

Total Organic Engagement Increase

award winning

In 2019, our team was honored with a Platinum Award from the AVA Digital Awards for our PPC campaign efforts, which is the highest honor to receive in our category. This was the result of countless efforts across all teams to deliver outstanding results for our client.