Massage Heights

Massage Heights, a franchise company that strives to improve the overall health and wellness of the community it services, has been in partnership with Versa since 2017. With a vision to develop a culture of elevated wellness that renews and transforms the lives of its guests, Massage Heights naturally sought out a marketing agency with the assets to support an all-encompassing journey to healing.

Taking Wellness to New Heights

Massage Heights is a chain of massage retreats dedicated to uplifting the guests within each community it serves and helping them live balanced and healthier lives with regular massage and skin therapy. The therapists aim to bring physical and mental wellness and balance to each person and encourage others to integrate Massage Heights’ retreats into routine for a restored and balanced daily life.

The Journey to Wellness

Massage Heights collaborated with the Versa Creative team to develop multiple campaigns—including traditional marketing, PPC, and professional services—that granted their 25+ Greater Houston locations a personal connection with the Houston market. The teams endeavored for a stronger following on social media by creating multiple campaigns that focused on the wellness journey rather than selling services.

Make It Personal

The “Make It Personal” campaign was created to underline the importance of personalizing your wellness journey to best suit your unique needs. The efforts of this campaign resonated with our Houston audience, with a total reach of over 286,000 and over 750,000 impressions.

Our team also created multiple relaxation tools, such as coloring pages, which focused on Massage Heights’ goal of providing both mental and physical support through their clients’ wellness journey. Versa Creative created a social media campaign that was educational and provided a sense of ease and support.

Elevating Lifestyle

The campaigns tremendously bolstered the company’s goal of brand awareness and capturing leads. They resulted in a large increase in engagement and target audience impact, with over 45,000 people reached and over 17,000 engaging with their pages.

The many strategies that our team conceptualized and designed were impactful in building brand awareness in the Houston market, with over 286,000 in total reach, 750,000 in impressions, and 54,000 in page engagement.

Altogether, this collaboration has brought Massage Heights and Versa Creative to great heights!