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Healthcare Case Study

The Neighbors Emergency Center Big Game Campaign

The Challenge

With the 2017 Houston Super Bowl fast approaching, Neighbors Emergency Center was challenged to use the exposure of the biggest sports event of the year to promote their overall brand in a fun and engaging manner. However, with only services to promote and no products to sell, the focus of the campaign was based solely on spreading brand and location awareness. To achieve this goal, Versa Creative created Neighbors Emergency Center’s Big Game campaign.

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NEC Billboard - ER Care That Scores

The Objective

Since 2008, Neighbors Emergency Center has offered expert ER care with short wait times and a family-friendly atmosphere in neighborhoods and cities all over the United States. With the company purpose to Make Lives Better and a dedicated focus to provide extraordinary emergency care to their patients, the objective to spread this message, as well as educational materials to the increased Houston Super Bowl traffic included the following:

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase overall brand awareness throughout the Houston area and surrounding cities using comprehensive content marketing strategies that utilize trending football imagery with our memorable and heartfelt slogan: ER Care that Scores.

Make an Impression

Boost Neighbors Emergency Center’s social media presence by visibly increasing impressions and interactions on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Generate Buzz

Successfully launch a guerilla based and user-generated campaign surrounding Neighbors Emergency Centers’ mascot Scrubs the Bear to prompt additional social media engagement.

A PPC Presence

Develop and target multiple Super Bowl display ads featuring designs that highlight CTAs as well as general branding messages, resulting in competitive PPC results including impressions, clicks, clickthrough-rates, and cost-per-click.

The Results

Neighbors Emergency Center’s Big Game Campaign resulted in an overall increase of brand awareness. This was reflected through the dissemination of marketing materials throughout social media, PPC, SEO, billboards, direct mailers, and the Super Bowl commercial.

400% Increase in Social Media Engagement
157.8% Brand Lift Increase Between the Ages of 55-64
26.5% View Rate on YouTube Big Game Commercial
20.44% Improvement in PPC Conversion Rate
0.32% Average CTR on Display Ads Without a CTA

The Award