2021 Integrated Marketing Campaign

Village Emergency Centers (VEC) is a group of freestanding emergency centers dedicated to providing 24/7 expert medical care. Versa Creative created a strategic marketing campaign to build brand awareness and attractiveness across all center locations, as well as a defined core messaging and positioning statements.

the challenge

In response to the ongoing pandemic, it was vital for Village Emergency Centers to provide timely COVID-19 testing to the Greater Houston community. Village Emergency Centers wanted to drive traffic to the website and reach audiences near their locations.



Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Social Media

the objective

Drive traffic to Village Emergency Centers throughout the Houston area, while raising awareness of their COVID-19 testing. Our objective was to generate online and in-person traffic by creating high quality and relevant content that appealed to the target audience.

the strategy

Our digital teams focused on different strategies to reach Village Emergency Centers’ goals.

For SEO, the team focused on content creation to drive traffic to the website, including COVID-related blogs, service pages, and treatment information. The SEO team also created general blogs to increase traffic throughout the year.

For social media, the team’s strategy was to focus on targeting and pairing Village Emergency Centers’s goals with creative copy and design work. Our team wanted to increase social media engagement with content that we knew resonated with the target audience.

For PPC, our team focused on increasing conversions. We knew that with PPC we could get Village Emergency Centers calls, leads, and foot traffic.


Through our SEO efforts, Village Emergency Centers saw incredible results.

Through our SEO efforts, Village Emergency Centers saw incredible results.


users increase

sessions increase


increase yoy google business profile request for directions

increase yoy google business profile calls


increase yoy in form submissions

increase yoy of new users



increase yoy ppc calls


increase yoy clicks


increase yoy impressions


increase yoy average cpc decrease


increase yoy "get directions" website clicks increase


increase yoy "get directions" local ad extensions increase

social media

total video views

total ad reach

total page engagements

total clicks

average cpc