The Challenge

ZT Corporate, formerly known as ZT Wealth, is a world-renowned company that offers vital money management services as well as unique investment opportunities for valued stakeholders. Since their establishment in 1997, they’ve diversified their ventures and expanded into a vast array of industries, including healthcare, car dealerships, franchise restaurants, and real estate. However, an expansion of this magnitude welcomed a new set of challenges. The ZT brand struggled to unite its entities under one flagship corporation. The public viewed ZT Wealth as a premier wealth management company, but that identity did not serve their future ambitions. ZT needed an umbrella corporation—a solid foundation to unify their brand and create a vehicle for future endeavors.

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The Objective

When ZT approached us to undertake a brand refresh, we knew we needed a comprehensive plan to rein in their entities under one brand while maintaining their well-known identity. Together, we worked diligently to achieve the following objectives.


While their original name, ZT Wealth, is known the world over for offering first-rate money management services, it did not fully capture the grand essence of everything they offered. ZT wanted a name that would speak to their vast investment opportunities. In addition, the letters Z and T were initially abbreviations of the founder’s names, and he selflessly requested that the meaning of the letters be changed to reflect the values of the company.


The ZT Wealth logo was well-known throughout countless industries, but our design team needed to develop a new and iconic representation of the company—a logo that’s both distinguishable from competitors and telling of the brand’s purpose and values.

Brand Assets

A logo wasn’t enough—we needed to fully reimagine the ZT brand with a vast array of brand assets to further establish their new visual identity. With the development of new colors and other visual anchors, we wanted to make sure audiences instantly recognized the ZT brand.


A well-executed tagline offers valuable insight into a brand’s mission and vision. Armed with a plethora of industry research, our copy team was tasked to carefully craft a new tagline, capable of resonating with audiences far and wide.


In the digital age, websites are an invaluable asset, easily allowing audiences to find and connect with brands. To ensure our client was well-represented online, our creative and development teams took it upon themselves to create a dazzling interface worthy of the ZT name.

The Results

In many ways, the results speak for themselves. Our creative and strategic teams redefined the ZT brand and expanded upon their legacy to grant them the platform and exposure they needed to implement future ambitions. Complete with a new logo, name, tagline, brand assets, website, and an engaging announcement trailer, the ZT brand has never looked better.


As previously mentioned, the founder of ZT Corporate sought out a name that represented the company’s values rather than his direct name. Furthermore, the company needed a name that was not limited to their money management ventures. The solution was Zenith Trust Corporate or ZT Corporate for short. ‘Zenith,’ meaning “the time at which something is most powerful or successful,” offers insights into the company’s prosperity in a sleek and memorable way. And to further facilitate long-lasting partnerships, it felt natural to couple the word with ‘Trust,’ a core value of the company. The word ‘Corporate’ also seemed fitting since it positions the company in a manner that allows them to expand into various industries.


Dynamic Partnerships. Infinite Opportunities

ZT Corporate prides themselves on their trustworthy partnerships and boundless investment opportunities. This tagline perfectly encapsulates that sentiment by providing verbiage that fortifies their commitment to investors.


Featured with crisp lines and powerful imagery, the ZT Corporate logo serves as the cornerstone visual asset of the brand. The letters Z and T are arranged in a fashion that speaks to the name, Zenith Trust, which can be seen in the iconic peak or mountain-like formation.


Revealed at the 2017 Toast to Living Well Gala, this engaging announcement trailer made by our creative team recounts ZT Corporate’s history and sets the stage for their future vision and ambitions.