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Versa Creative boasts a wealth of experience and a proven track record in providing marketing and advertising solutions for clients in the government sector. With a team of experts well-versed in the intricacies of government operations and regulations, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to develop and execute strategic government advertising campaigns that align with the goals and missions of public sector organizations.

Versa Creative’s expertise spans across various government entities, from local municipalities to federal agencies, enabling us to tailor our services to meet each client’s specific needs and objectives. Our adeptness in crafting informative and engaging content, utilizing digital channels, and navigating the unique challenges of government-related marketing positions Versa Creative as a trusted partner for public sector clients seeking to enhance their outreach, engage with constituents, and drive meaningful results.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

“Versa developed a new outreach and education campaign for our department, and from Day One, we were very impressed with the priority and attention they gave us. We had a very tight deadline, and Versa’s team did an incredible job responding to our feedback and turning around quality products in a very short time span. We were so happy with their work, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to develop or design graphics, ads, or related material.”

– Sarah Robinson, Houston Public Works

“It’s hard to think of them as an outside agency. Sometimes we think of them as an extension of the communications department within the Harris County Department of Education.”

– Danielle Clark, Chief Communications Operator at the Harris County Department of Education

“Our company has been working with Versa for 3 years now for creative and advertising services. We come back to them again and again because of their amazing customer service and cost-effectiveness. They always get us the most bang for our buck in our advertising dollars! I work for a nonprofit, and we have very strict needs, wants, and budgets. Versa always delivers insightful campaigns that hit the nail on the head and fit our price range. From the top to the bottom, a great company.”

– Lacie Ulrich, Houston Public Works

“Versa is one of the best advertising and marketing firms I have worked with. I can’t recommend them enough! They are not only professional, but they offer outstanding creative services, and they work with you and your budget. We created two campaigns with them, and they were fantastic. I have been recommending them to everyone needing creative and marketing services. They are the best!”

– Paula Paciorek, Houston Public Works

“Versa is a great company to work with—their team is responsive, patient and creative. Highly recommended!”

– Elijah Williams, The Energy Corridor District

Houston Public Works

Protect Our Pipes Government Advertising Campaign

The Challenge

One of the main goals of this government advertising plan was to create brand equity and maintain consistency in brand messaging across various marketing channels. Overall, we needed to be engaging and dynamic to nurture emotional connections with Houston Public Works’ target audience, as well as increase audience interaction and loyalty to the organization.

The Channels

Social Media


Versa Creative provided multiple traditional and digital marketing assets for this Houston Public Works marketing campaign. Our traditional media assets alone garnered over 3,129,800 unique impressions!

The Strategy

Versa Creative hosted a development and strategy session that provided crucial information about Houston Public Works’ current standing in the community as well as a game plan to implement new branding material in a way that felt evolved, engaging, and supportive. We illustrated and created each character from scratch to better tell this story. Next, our team created a digital and traditional media marketing campaign that introduced new content that captivated the audience through the art of storytelling and strong brand positioning.

Some of our traditional media assets included billboards, radio scripts, YouTube videos, display ads, posters, and more. We also created templates that the client could use for future use as they introduce new programs and initiatives. Versa Creative also designed templated digital questionnaires that could be used to get feedback from the community or potential sponsors. Other assets included Houston IKE display ads, social media posts, banner ads, and mock-ups.

The Results


Total Impressions

Total Clicks

Social Media

Total Impressions

Reached Through Radio Spot Campaign

Impressions from Radio Spot Campaign Over Two-Month

Houston Public Works

Give Water a Break Government Advertising Campaign

The City of Houston Public Works Department is a government agency responsible for planning, operating, and maintaining public infrastructure, including the city’s streets and drainage, production and distribution of water, collection and treatment of wastewater, and more. With over 671 miles in their jurisdiction and 2.3 million people served, Houston Public Works represents one of our broadest target audiences to date.

The Versa Creative team conceived, produced, and executed a government advertising campaign in both Spanish and English for the City of Houston’s Public Works Department in anticipation of a stage-one drought occurring over the summer of 2022. This campaign included YouTube bumper ads, social media content, radio spots, and Hulu commercials, in addition to assets for general water conservation and winter advisories.

Versa’s water conservation campaign began with agency-wide brainstorming sessions about potential taglines and campaign strategies before landing on “Give Water a Break.” The team’s previous work with the Department on their “Protect our Pipes” campaign gave us unique insight and a steady springboard to launch campaign assets from. Initial assets for the campaign included social media ads incorporating satirical imagery and taglines depicting wasteful water usage.

The Department sought to develop water conservation content for use beyond the drought. The Versa team created a series of general water conservation advisory videos, radio scripts, and traditional media assets, such as tri-folds and brochures, for distribution within the government and amongst Houston businesses. These assets were developed in English and Spanish to account for the campaign’s diverse target audience.

The Results


Total Impressions

Total Clicks

Social Media

Impressions from Hulu Ad

Impressions from Radio Spot Campaign

The Energy Corridor District

Integrated Government Advertising Campaign & Rebrand

The Energy Corridor District is a premier, centrally located business hub home to some of the world’s largest corporations, thousands of acres of parks and open space, good schools, and diverse retail locations. The District has long been home to some of the world’s largest energy companies as well as medium and small start-up, tech, and engineering firms, making it the heart and soul of the Energy Capital of the World.

Now, the District’s pioneering companies are leading energy’s evolution and Houston’s quest to become the Energy Transition Capital of the World. Versa Creative worked with the Energy Corridor District to lead and roll out their major rebrand. This included refining their brand voice and tone, core messaging, and messaging matrix, launching a marketing campaign strategy with suggested platforms and unique brand tones for each channel and audience, creating the budget allocation for the campaign, and producing creative assets and campaigns for traditional and digital advertising.

The Versa Creative team created a three-pronged messaging and brand tone matrix to address the three separate audiences of the District: the community, cultural, and corporate populations seeking the District as a potential new home. The tone matrix further involved differentiating between messages from the official Energy Corridor District and the perceived community of the Energy Corridor beyond its designated boundaries.

The campaign focused on the Energy Corridor District’s desirability for innovators, mid-sized corporations, and small business owners, in addition to its dedication to its constituents. Creative assets included traditional billboards and media advertisements, digital display ads, organic social media, social media ads, and branded assets such as postcards, stationary, digital flyers, and more. unique approach to education and community-building.

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