Houston SEO Company

In the digital age, search engine rankings are fiercely competitive, and it’s easy for your website to slip through the cracks and fall on the second page of results or beyond, which is nearly a death sentence for your website. Only 25% of Google users click past the first page, so it’s vital to your brand’s growth and well-being to stay relevant online. SEO processes accomplish this by granting the exposure and rankings you need to reach your target audience and make an impact.


What is SEO Marketing?

During the process of search engine optimization, as SEO marketers we aim to increase traffic for websites by making their site visible to people that would be the most inclined to be interested in the content and services it offers. When you type in a keyword, the search engine goes through all existing web pages and brings forth the most relevant page to the keyword you proposed.

Here at Versa Creative, a Houston SEO company, we make it our priority to know a search engine’s algorithm and its changes. We keep your site ranking higher by constantly optimizing it, whether it’s switching out and replacing keywords, creating tailored content, monitoring site functionality, or redesigning websites, we do it all and more.


Local SEO Houston

When you have a business in Houston, it can feel like you’re one of many. It can be difficult to stand out when there are so many businesses alike, but it’s all about strategy. Having the right keywords and metadata can bump you up in the search engines thus making you more visible to customers. The majority of consumers search online for products and services near them before heading out to their destinations. According to industry statistics, 86% of consumers use the internet to find businesses in their area. 29% of consumers do this one or more times every week. The problem is not that the competition is too high, it’s that you haven’t implemented any of SEO’s best practices to allow your customers to find you. People do want your product, they just need more help to find it.

At Versa Creative, we make it our mission to make your business visible by the right people. We don’t intend on just keeping your business at the top of organic results momentarily, we plan to keep you there on a consistent basis. We do this by providing you with keen strategies to create listings and content that will appeal to your local market. We then continue to monitor the implementations to make sure they are producing desired results.