Our Leaders

Every great team is a careful balance of left and right brain thinkers. We each hold individual strengths, but something special happens when we come together and find harmony in our differences. Our integrated approach relies heavily on the diverse ideas and perspectives of our team to yield exceptional results.

From creative to strategy to digital, every force and every effort are complemented by an equally powerful influence. This interdependent system allows us to discover unique solutions and make a lasting impact on the brands we serve.

We Are More Than the Sum of Our Services

We are an integrated team of analysts, artists, and advisors whose strength lies in the diversity of our perspectives.

Alone we are great, but together we are Versa Creative.

Mary Shekari

Founder & CEO

Eddie Shekari


Mehdi Amiry

Digital Director, Social

Daniela Rains

Creative Director

Herbert Murcia

Digital Director, PPC

Chan Wilson

Traditional Media Manager

Morteza Safataj

Manager of Photography & Videography

Jesus Abonce

Manager of PPC

Ashton Patel

Manager of Web Development

Bailey Tinsley

Manager of Account Strategy

Kalie Fowler

Manager of Copy Department

Joseph Combs

Manager of Strategy

Our People Are Our Power

Do you have the skills and experience to make a difference for our clients?