Engage and Connect With Your Audience

Sometimes you need more than a still image to highlight what makes your brand special. Video marketing has the power to demonstrate your product or service in action, showing your audience why they need what you have to offer in their lives. Videos or GIFs can also supercharge your social media presence, drawing in attention and helping your audience interact with your brand in a whole new way. Versa Creative offers marketing video production services for a range of purposes, all of which serve to deepen your connection with your customers, clients, or patients by showing them who you are.

At Versa Creative, we can produce, storyboard, edit, and publish your video content. Our team works alongside yours to assure your video tells your company’s story and connects with your audience.

The Benefits of Commercial Videos

Visuals enable you to enliven your messaging and engage with your audience, and this is especially true when it comes to videos. High-quality videos give customers a glimpse into the inner workings of your brand, allowing them to visualize how your products and services fit into their lives. Video marketing enables you to:

Get More Attention

Humans process images far quicker than we can digest text. In a world full of digital noise, image and video can help you stand out among the rest.

Appeal to Your Audience’s Emotions

We connect deeply with the world through sight and sound, which trigger an emotional response. With video, you can use music, visuals, voiceovers, and more to capture your audience.

Provide More Interaction With Your Brand

While users may quickly scroll through a Twitter feed of all text, an interesting video will encourage them to pause and take a moment to learn more. This means more time engaging with your brand.

Build Trust With Consumers

Consumers who watch product videos are more likely to trust a brand.

Increase Conversions

Ecommerce and retailers can support sales with videos. Studies show that over 70% of users, who watched an explainer video about a product, proceeded to make a purchase.

Keep Website Traffic longer

Engage your website visitors with video content. Website visitors who watch videos stay on a website for an average of two minutes longer.

Improve Website Visibility

Web pages with videos are more likely to rank higher and draw in more traffic.

Types of Videos We Offer

Product Videos

Display your products on video. The purpose of a product video is to explain how something works or looks while in use. Whether the video is showing you how to use a particular brand of lawnmower or showing how a shoe looks on a model, the desired result is the same. The hope is that, after seeing how something works or looks while in use, a potential consumer will have the push that they needed to actually go through with a purchase. The more positively informed people are about a product that they are considering purchasing, the more likely they are to commit to buying it.

Testimonial & Interview Videos

Build trust with your customers by using testimonial videos or interview videos. Potential customers are more likely to trust a brand if they have positive reviews and testimonials from customers. A well-produced and high-quality testimonial or interview video can showcase the impact your business has had on your customers. Tell your brand’s story from the perspective of your customers with testimonials and interview videos.

Brand Awareness Videos

Showcase your brand and your story with video. Video content can be more engaging than text, pictures, and other types of media. With brand awareness videos, you can explain what your business does, what services you offer, what products you offer, and so much more. Brand awareness videos are great for your website, social media, and even emails.

Social Media Videos

Almost everyone uses social media. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another platform, social media is a prime place to implement a video marketing strategy. Because people are conditioned to pay attention to videos, adding videos that engage in their social media feeds are a fantastic way to raise brand awareness or push a product or service.

Explainer and Educational Videos

An explainer video is a short video used by businesses to tell their brand’s story in less than two-minutes. Many companies struggle with finding a way to express what it is they do and why they do it better than everyone else in an engaging way that potential customers can easily absorb. Because people are so visual and likely to react positively to a well made video, an explainer video is a perfect solution.

Animated Videos

Animation and animated videos are typically short videos that can be used for a variety of purposes—including education, explanation, showcasing products and services—and on platforms like email or social media. Animated videos allow brands to create fun and unique content that can be attention grabbing, attractive, shareable, and ultimately help your business grow or meet goals.

Aerial Videos

Aerial videos utilize drones and other technology to show off your products, location, and space in a creative and eye-catching manner. Aerial videos capture the viewer’s attention and provide exciting and unique perspectives. With aerial video, you can show off your businesses location, show your products in action, and produce noticeable content for platforms like social media and your businesses’ website.

Real Estate Videos

Engage real estate customers and gain new customers with high-quality real estate videos. Real estate videos allow agents and sellers to showcase homes and promote listings to local and online home shoppers. Show off your listing and get more customers with real estate videos.

Email-Embedded video

Whether you are trying to acquire new customers, inform people of a new product or service, or keep customers engaged with your brand between purchases, email marketing is a useful tool. Utilizing video marketing strategy in your emails is a great way to maintain your audience’s attention in a way that content marketing may not be able to. Video emails can be a compelling way to interact with clients and yield results like click-throughs, shares, lead generations, and sales.

Restaurant Videos

Highlight your menu, your interior, your exterior, and your brand with professional restaurant videos. Capture your food and restaurant experience on video, and let that video engage your audience across the web.

Hotel and Hospitality Videos

Show off your interiors, exteriors, offerings, and, most importantly, the guest experience. Video can show potential customers and guests what you have to offer and excite them for their future stay. Show off your property and all you offer guests with hotel and hospitality videos.

Service Provider Video

Service provider videos are videos tailored to each service provider’s business and offerings. Through video, you can highlight your services, promote your services, explain services, introduce new services, and more. Service provider videos are a powerful way to engage potential customers and give them insights into your business and what they can expect.


Video is a powerful tool for healthcare professionals and businesses. With healthcare videos, patients can better know their providers and develop a deeper connection and trust with providers.

Outside of the doctor-patient relationship, healthcare videos can be used for educational purposes and educate patients on medical procedures and various healthcare conditions and subjects.

Documentary and Film

Documentary and film are long-form videos that can be used for various purposes. Documentaries allow you to tell your story in depth.

The Importance of Video Marketing

While not entirely new and exclusive to the digital age, video marketing has evolved since it was initially utilized to make television advertisements. Videos have become our primary source of entertainment and a major source of communication. Second only to Google, YouTube is one of the most frequented search engines worldwide, and as of 2020, video accounts for roughly 80% of all online traffic.

Most people are active online across various websites and social media platforms; brands try to capitalize on this and establish a large digital presence to reach as many people as possible. In their efforts to optimize their digital marketing efforts, many companies found that people were most receptive to online advertising when a video of some sort was involved. Most people have short attention spans, and thus, videos are more functional and easier to absorb than content marketing. Because we are so conditioned to pay attention to videos, video marketing services are a fantastic way to boost your other marketing efforts. Studies show that adding video content to marketing emails can increase click-through rates, brand awareness, and brand recall by 200%. Many people also agree that seeing a video of a product or service helps in their decision making process.

Since adding videos to marketing efforts can potentially be very fruitful, it is important to ensure that the content you are putting out reflects positively on your brand.

Our Process


We research your industry to discover common trends and understand your competition to help us in developing a marketing strategy that will appeal to your target audience.

Straegize the Plan

Once we’ve done our research, we develop a list of filming locations and elements that we would like to capture and feature in your video.


Before we begin filming, we finalize the creative concept by designing a storyboard, writing the script, and searching for a voice-over talent who can breathe life into your message.


With the guidance of our art director, our team captures footage using high-quality video equipment, including drones and professional lighting, to get the images we need to communicate your message.


After filming, we begin the process of readying your video: editing, exporting, and conducting quality assurance checks.

Why Work With Versa Creative

For over ten years, Versa Creative has helped businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries create high-quality and professional marketing videos. We have helped our clients create videos that reach, engage, educate, convert, promote, and so much more.
At Versa Creative, we manage video production and editing in-house. Our video team manages the creation of your video from start to finish. Our team creates videos that are not just show for show. Our videos tell your brand’s story in a way that captivates your target audience’s attention.

Elevate Your Brand With Professional Video Content

Let Versa Creative help you create video content that engages your audience, elevates your brand, and tells your story. Get started today!