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Your Crisis Communication Agency

All organizations are vulnerable to crisis. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but no business can guarantee a crisis free future. The key to success is to plan ahead, and prepare for the unexpected.

Crisis PR is all about being prepared. A business must be able to respond promptly, correctly, and confidently when addressing their stakeholders, the press, or internal employees during a crisis. From oil spills, to food poisoning outbreaks, high profile companies create crisis communications plans they can boldly follow during an emergency, and the days that follow.

When a crisis occurs and you are not prepared, you lose precious time. As the clock ticks, you not only begin to lose the trust of your stakeholders, but the opportunity to shape the company’s narrative. Scrambling to come up with a solution for a crisis last minute is stressful, ineffective, and dangerous to your overall brand. A simple crisis communication plan will save your company’s money, time, and most importantly, reputation.

Our Process

Our team will conduct a Vulnerability Audit as well as a Document Audit. During the Vulnerability Audit we will meet with your team to identify the top potential crises that could occur at your organization. During this process our team will identify existing operations that can be modified, as well as break down best-case/worst-case crisis scenarios. During the Document Audit we will review your existing crisis preparedness materials to identify recommendations for improvement. This will include media statements, emergency response policies, disaster plans and more.

Within your organization strategic personnel should be identified and trained to interact with the press during a crisis. These employees should be pre-screened and prepared in several channels of communication including online and social media platforms. During this time we will match potential spokespersons to specific assignments based on their skills.

Based on our initial audit, holding statements will be designed for immediate use during a crisis. Although these messages can not be fully developed until after a crisis outbreak, these statements will cover a variety of scenarios that can be easily catered when needed. We will also develop company-wide protocol and scripts for all employees to follow.

Because you have a prepared plan, when a crisis occurs timing will not be delayed in responding to the media. The original holding statements will be revised to reflect the current crisis, and the message catered depending on the specific stakeholders. This message will also be adapted for different forms of media.

After everything is said and done we have to ask “what did we learn from this?” We will create a formal analysis looking at what was done right, and what can be improved. This step is crucial in constantly developing and improving your company’s crisis communication plan.

Why Versa Creative?

Versa Creative has the power to shape the future of your company with a crisis communication plan that will bring you peace of mind. Disasters are not a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when.” The time to form a plan of action is not when a crisis occurs, but in the calm and collected atmosphere beforehand.