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Press Release

Does the world know who your company is? Sometimes spreading the word about your company and the amazing things you can do feels like screaming into an empty room. However, with the right media relations you can not only tell your story, but get them heard by the right people.

A press release is your way of notifying the media of relevant company news. It is a fantastic tool for generating publicity about company developments. When written correctly, they pique the interest of media outlets leading to mass content distribution.

Although they may seem “old school,” press releases have transformed and adapted to the online consumption of information. Versa Creative goes beyond the traditional news cycle and provides relevant content to your customers and prospects in a way they will want to consume it. Our PR strategy focuses on connecting to the audiences you care about most.

  • Collect Information

    Our team will create a compelling PR piece framing your story in a way that grabs attention and builds interest in your overall brand.

  • Distribute Press Release

    Your press release will be sent out to leading distribution sites that are relevant to your location and industry.

  • Collect Content Stats

    We will provide you with an overview of content stats including overall views, impressions, and online shares.

There are several different types of press releases Versa Creative specialized in creating:

  • General News

    Generate traditional coverage with news relevant to your company. Versa Creative commonly creates press releases highlighting when companies win awards and contests.

  • Launch Release

    Has your company created a new product, website, initiative, or idea? Emphasizing timeliness, inform the general public about your upcoming news.

  • Event Promotion/Coverage

    Let the general public know about your company’s most recent event. Feature the intricate details including itinerary, guest list, and more.

  • Product

    Introduce your latest product with the details that will make it stand out among competitors in the marketplace. Highlight product specs, and features to boost your sales.

  • Executive/Employee

    Announce important new hires or shifts in high level management. Photos and biographical information is an excellent way to introduce new administration in your company.

  • Expert Position

    Establish your company’s credibility within your field. Using this tactic, you can become the go-to source of information for the media in content related to your expertise.

Why Versa Creative?

Versa Creative can create press release content that is compelling and persuasive. Using our deep ties throughout the Houston community, we can share your press release with leading members in digital, print, and broadcast media. We also have access to a large PR distributor connected to thousands of media outlets both local and national. Common premium outlets include Yahoo News, Google News, and Business Journals.