Account Management

In many ways, account managers serve as the window into our operation and give clients the personalized assistance needed to carry out their visions. As the main point of contact, these vital team members are the liaisons between the client and the creative and strategic teams. When undertaking large-scale marketing and advertising campaigns, it’s vital to have someone organize and rein in these work efforts while maintaining the client’s best interests.

Account managers are key individuals that oversee all aspects of a client’s brand and effectively manage each department to ensure the scope of work is carried out based on the client’s desires. These master communicators forge meaningful connections with clients and internal teams alike to create synergistic work efforts aimed to deliver long-lasting results. Furthermore, account managers organize all relevant information and assets while keeping the client abreast with essential updates concerning their accounts.

  • Provide a Main Point of Contact

    Account managers serve as the client’s main contact and provide future strategies as well as consistent updates concerning their current campaigns.

  • Effectively Manage Internal Teams

    Our account management team keep client accounts on track by regularly meeting with internal teams to unify and dictate work efforts.

  • Channel Coordination

    Working closely with creative and digital teams, account managers ensure each service is seamlessly integrated across various channels.

  • Provide Account Analysis & Maintenance

    To further benefit their ROIs, our clients receive continual performance and maintenance updates from current campaigns, including digital analytics.

Why Versa Creative?

At Versa Creative, we select an account manager who fits best with each client and their brand. Since account managers work closely with the clients, it’s vital for them to open the lines of communication in order to effectively execute their vision. With their acute interpersonal skills, our account management team has countless years of experience working with local and national brands to accomplish short-and long-term goals.