In this golden age of technology, advertising agencies may be naive enough to believe that there is no longer a place for traditional media. We know that this is simply not true. Traditional media has been shaping the global media market for hundreds of years and continues to make a huge difference on the public’s perception of a brand. Choose Versa Creative as your media buying agency and learn what we can do for you.

Versa is your media buying agency


Television and radio were among the first on the scene for media consumption and their importance hasn’t declined. The experts in our media department work with your brand and goals in order to cultivate a message that reaches your future customers and broadcasts it to the world for ultimate engagement.


Billboards and other outdoor advertising media are fantastic, cost-effective tools that allow companies to reach a massive amount of people every single day. Renting a billboard ensures that your future customers will interact with your brand whenever they drive down the interstate, go to their favorite park, or look at the skyline.


Print media is able to be held in the hands of your customer, allowing for more tangible engagement. While modern technology appears to be only a hop and a skip away from allowing our social media platforms to whisk us away into virtual reality, right now the best way to physically connect with consumers is through different print products.


Direct mail allows media buying agencies to reach the demographics most likely to convert into customers. Using demographic research and knowledge of your brand, we are able to send mail inserts and coupons straight to the homes of your future consumers.